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Working Solutions has been in business since 1996.  They provide contact center support to a variety of clients, and according to their website, pioneered the home agent concept and had the very first completely virtual contact center support system, their first year with 2,000 agents hired, and they state they now have over 76,000 agents registered.

Working solutions looks for experience in its applicants, all hired have customer service background, many agents more than 10 years, and they are also known for hiring people with particular industry or skills experience, such as travel agents and healthcare workers.  College degree will be an asset, but it is not a requirement.  Bilingual may also be a plus, and you can indicate which languages on your application.

There are no upfront or training fees with Working Solutions, and they do hire independent contractors, not employees.  The application process begins on their website by completing their form and submitting online, followed by Part 1 testing, which is also done online and can be done at that time, if you are invited to continue with that process.  Once you have completed Part 1 of the testing, you will receive instructions on how to complete the Part 2 of the testing, and once that is done, your completed application will be reviewed.  If you pass the testing, you will be notified and you are essentially placed into their pool of agents and considered for opportunities (work) that are a match with your skills, experience and hours of availability.  Keep in mind that even if you are accepted  into the pool of agents, it may be weeks or even months before there is a project that is offered to you.  You can go back and update your application as well, if needed.  However, you will receive notification via email once a project is available for you.

Type of Work

Call center agents doing inbound and outbound calls, typically customer service, technical support, and sales.  Most of this work is done over the phone, but there may also be online chat and email interaction with customers.  The calls may involve travel or hospitality reservations, enrollment, retail sales, tech support for websites or electronics, and others.

Working Solutions also has data entry positions, which are non-phone work.  Typically, there may be a longer wait time for an open position, but is worth applying for if that is of interest to you.


Working Solutions accepts applications from anywhere in the world, however, many of their projects are going to require agents in theUS.  They accept applications from all 50 states in theUS.

Technology and Equipment Requirements

Desktop computer requirements are fairly standard, there is specific requirements for computer memory and speed, and a link is available on their website to check your internet connection speed to meet their minimum requirements for upload and download speeds.  As with most virtual call centers, a landline telephone line is required with no additional features on it, and cannot be through VOIP, wireless, cellular, or digital.  You would also need a wireless headset.  Complete requirements are located here.

Schedule and Compensation Information

You are able to set your own schedule, and during the application process will be asked for your preferred days and times for working.  Being consistent in keeping your schedule should be considered one of your top priorities, and will be taken into account for being able to apply for other projects and priority scheduling.

Compensation will depend on the project that you are working on, however, per Working Solutions website:

Each project is paid differently. Some pay by the record or entry, while others pay by talk minutes, sales, or a combination of both. Some may be paid a set amount per project. Agents have earned the equivalent of anywhere from $7.50 per hour to $30 per hour, depending on the project. Your income will vary greatly based on the work you are doing, how successful you are, how much work is available, and how many hours you choose to work.

There will be no benefits, as you are an independent contractor, and not an employee.

Points of Interest

Working Solutions states that they do not recommend that agents consider this full-time job replacement, but is meant to be part-time or supplemental income.  Each project, while it may continue for an indefinite period of time, is considered “temporary project work.”  Work may not always be available, and even if you are working on an assigned project, you may not be able to count on a specific number of available work hours.

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