As of this writing, March 2012, I spent the last 7-8 years searching for work or a way to earn money online. Not constantly, sometimes I had more work than I could even handle (sometimes working 70-90 hours in a week) which barely left me with time to become reacquainted with my family………..shower….you get the idea. And which shows that yes, there is work online! However, over the years when I was searching for work, it became apparent that while I was able to find some great resources for locating companies that hire home workers, the process of locating the company, researching that company, and then possibly ultimately applying was a huge amount of bookmarking of sites, reading many sites, hopping from one site to the next to get all the information I wanted—and that took an enormous amount of time! I would spend hours at the computer to maybe actually fill out one or two applications. Not to mention keeping track of who I had applied, all the details, and the link itself, etc.

The process went something like this:

1. Find a site that had some links for companies that hire for work at home jobs.

2. Click on a link from a list of links, spend time (sometimes LOTS of time) on the company website, finding how to apply, and then information I needed to determine if I wanted to apply (was it a job I might want) and if I was eligible (location and other requirements).

3. If I was interested in applying, then I would go to other forums and work-at-home sites and see what people had to say on those sites. I would do some general Google research to see what other information I could obtain from people who had first-hand experience with that company, and check for reviews or blog posts and comments, and whatever research might turn up. Sometimes check with the BBB or other accredited complaint sites.

4. If all of the above turned out that it was a company I was interested in applying to and was eligible – then I would go back and complete the application with the company.

5. (If I didn’t lose the link by the time I did all that jumping around.)

Some research is going to be necessary, no matter what, that’s true. However, what I started thinking about was that even just some basic information about the job and the company, a few pertinent facts in particular, would at least eliminate a certain percentage of those links or leads right at the beginning, saving a lot of time. I had pretty much narrowed it down to a short list of what I wanted to know about a job and a company before I decided to start the application process:

Basic job description. For some particular industries (I worked in more than one industry), I would have 1 or 2 industry-specific questions.

Location. Where is the company located and what are the locations they accept applications from?

Independent contractor or employee. Does this company hire as actual employees or as independent contractors?

Schedule. Did this company require specific hours, a regular schedule versus a flexible schedule, did you have any options on schedule, long shifts versus short shifts, full time or part time? Could you expect the amount of work to remain consistent or were there fluctuations, seasonal, etc.? Was this considered a temporary job or permanent?

Pay. Pretty self-explanatory.

Training. Was there any cost for the training? Would you be paid for the training? How long was the training and what was a typical training schedule? Was it self-study, classroom, or a combination of the two, and was it all done online?

Referrals. After that list was satisfied, what I tried to get was personal feedback from other people who had worked with that company. Forums are good, but on the occasions I could either chat online or talk to someone on the phone who had experience with that company, that was definitely the ideal.

It was the result of my job searching, going through this mini-routine of hopping from site to site, researching, applying, bookmarking, etc., that made me decide to create a work-at-home site. My goal is to have as much of the basic information for most, if not all, of the companies we have leads for, some specific profiles on some companies, and to also have some personal reviews by people who have had experience working there. In the future, I would like to add a rating system as well, and some other ideas that are brewing!  And if there’s anything you’d like to see added, drop me an email through the contact us section, I am glad for any feedback or comments.

In the meantime, as always—good luck in your search for your ideal work at home job, and I hope I saved you some time in that search as well!