Virtual Assistants – Step 7 in this series of 10 steps for virtual assistants, providing tips to establish a roster of satisfied clients and become a successful virtual assistant, doing what makes you happy and your clients happy!  (To begin at the first step in this series, click here.)

Of note: This particular series of articles is written from a perspective of someone who is currently a virtual assistant or has the specific skills to become one, and would like to add or obtain new or additional clients.  If you are interested in being a virtual assistant but would like training or instruction, we will be adding additional resources and sites where training can be obtained, as well as sites where you can register yourself as a virtual assistant available for hire.

#7 – Speaking at Events to Gain Virtual Assistant Clients

You might be surprised to learn that there are quite a few opportunities for you to speak at events, even if you’re not a professional speaker!

Now, if the thought of standing up in a room full of people scares the beejeebees out of you (yep, I can definitely relate!) then this might not be for you, or it might!  Just read on with an open mind and see what you think.

The whole point of speaking at an event as a virtual assistant is to share your expertise and to get exposure to potential clients.  If you can speak, you can do this.

My friend Trudy recently told me about an experience she had.

I remember the first time I did a telephone interview for an online podcast.  You know what?  I was real nervous.  So nervous I could barely breathe.

[Okay, that’s not sounding too good but bear with me for a second.]

Then, the second one I caught my breath a little easier.  By the third interview I was starting to relax.  Now, years later, I’ve done dozens, if not over a hundred events and interviews.  I’ve hosted my own teleseminars, held a virtual conference and I do webinars for potential clients and customers on a regular basis.  This is all held through the comfort of my home office.  No standing in front of a room of strangers, no picturing anyone naked to break the nerves.

Can you do this?  SURE you can!  Start small and get some exposure for your business. Plan a presentation and share a few points.  Study good presentation practices and develop your style.  Even if you never planned on being a public speaker, it’s a really good way to stretch your limits and gain some business.

My own personal experience in doing webinars and teleseminars, both live and recorded, was very similar to Trudy’s experience.  The first one, although I was at home, not seeing anyone’s face, I can still remember the anxiety, and I was certain my voice was shaking!  (Although all audience members were muted, I could’ve sworn I heard people breathing, clearing their throats, coughing, chuckling, lol!) I rushed through it, I admit, and breathed a sigh of relief once it was done–but I found that with two things — 1) being very, very well prepared and then, 2) just plain old experience, facing it again and then again, I would say by the third I wasn’t shaking and I don’t know exactly how many times it took to feel comfortable with it, but I’m sure it was less than ten times.

What kind of events can you speak at?  Online conferences.  Podcast interviews.  One-off teleseminars. Demo webinars.  Recorded interviews.

If you’re brave you can also do offline events:  Conferences.  Presentations to business associations. Workshops.  Meetup groups.

Getting the word out about your business is work.  It takes effort and presenting your experience and ideas is a good way to do it.  You’ll have to decide if it’s a good way for you to build your business.  Start with an interview or a small group, see how it works for you and go from there.  Look for podcasts or other online sites that you see doing interviews and offer to share your experience and your expertise!  Make yourself available!

And remember, the audience is on your side and they want you to succeed!  You can do this!