Virtual Assistants – We’re up to Step 6!  I hope you have put some of the previous steps and tips into motion to add more or new clients and either start your way on becoming a successful virtual assistant, or building your client base to achieve the goals you have for your business.  Remember – take action!  Research, reading, and continuing to do that even after a successful business is established is great, but if you are letting your research and reading (and more reading, and more reading) keep you from taking the action, it’s time to bookmark that page of the book, then close it up and try out what you have learned!  (To begin at the first step in this series, click here.)

Of note: This particular series of articles is written from a perspective of someone who is currently a virtual assistant or has the specific skills to become one, and would like to add or obtain new or additional clients.  If you are interested in being a virtual assistant but would like training or instruction, we will be adding additional resources and sites where training can be obtained, as well as sites where you can register yourself as a virtual assistant available for hire.

#6 – Selling Information Products to Get More Clients

Have you ever noticed that many of the most popular authors, especially in the business niche, have coaching programs or services that deliver what their books teach?  That’s not by accident!  Most author’s don’t make a lot of money on their books, they make it on the up sells to their programs that happens AFTER the initial product is delivered.

This is why creating your own information products is a very good way to sell your virtual assistant services.

Now I’m not suggesting you author a book (though you could if you wanted to!).  What I’m suggesting is that you use the digital world to sell information that will attract your target market.  This will do many things for your business including:

1.  Attract potential clients by positioning you as the go-to expert.  Your clients want someone with experience and status in the industry.  Of course they want someone who’s the best at what they do! When you put out products you are elevating your status from a ‘worker’ to a ‘creator’.  The simple act of creating a product gleans admiration from those who would like to and puts you in the position of being someone who can be a sought-after resource.  You are no longer the freelancer begging for work, you are the information marketer who’s taking on select clientele. See the difference there?

2.  Attract potential partners who will be interested in promoting you.  If you set up your information products properly you can allow people to earn money for helping you make sales.  This is called an affiliate program and if you produce a quality product you can be certain affiliates will be interested in promoting it for you.  Not only can these partners help you make some nice income through your product sales, but they will be referring potential clients to you and helping you build your business.  You may want to also offer a referral fee for client packages too in order to entice them to send you people.

3.  Educate your potential clients on your way of delivering their services.  Potential clients don’t always know what they want to hire you for or how they should deliver the information you need to get the work done properly.  This is where creating an information product can be really helpful for you and the client.  Sell them a product that teaches them what they need to know to outsource like a rock-star.  For example, you might be a website designer who has a course teaching people how to design websites.  You might think that crazy at first and worry that you’ll never get any clients but a friend of mine, Laura, had the opposite experience.  Every time she would run her website design course, she would get one or two people who then decide it’s too much work to do on their own and they want to hire her.  The huge bonus is that the client now understands exactly what it takes and Laura is able to breeze through the design process with very little bumps in the road!

I would highly encourage you to consider creating your own products.  Not only will they help you attract potential clients to your virtual assistant business, they will also start a stream of residual income that doesn’t rely on a dollars for hours situation. It’s always a good idea to diversify and maximize your income streams.

Good luck and happy product planning!  (And maybe find your inner Hemingway in the process!!)