We've done some research and found some tools you might find useful for your home office.

Useful Tools for Your Work at Home Toolbox

This is a list of products, equipment, software, and/or services that we have used or have come highly recommended and are happy to recommend to others.  Work at Home Resource Guide has no affiliation with any of the products listed, unless specifically stated.

SnagIt by TechSmith:  SnagIt is a screen capture application.  You can try it for 30 days for free, the purchase price is a one-time cost of $49.90.  From Snagit:  “With Snagit’s easy-to-use tools, you can quickly create images and videos to give feedback, solve a problem, or show off something cool. Snagit empowers you to communicate efficiently with visuals that give your ideas clarity and help you explain any subject.  See for yourself.  The more you use Snagit, the more ways you’ll find to use it.”

See a full review of Snagit here.

Express Scribe by NCH Software:  From NCH:  “Express Scribe is a transcription audio player specifically designed for typists  and transcriptionists complete with time saving features including foot pedal control, variable speed playback, speech to text engine integration, support for  a wide variety of audio formats including wav, mp3, and wma.”  Express Scribe standard version is free, there is a pro version, which you can try for a free trial period if you would like to upgrade to the pro.  For many people doing basic transcription (general, legal, medical), the standard version is all that is needed.

See a full review of Express Scribe here.

Headset Compatible Telephones:

If you are going to work in a virtual call center, a landline, corded telephone that is headset compatible is likely going to be a requirement.  Finding one of these phones that is headset compatible is typically not easy in regular brick-and-mortar stores, or your selection may be extremely limited and the choices high-priced.  Luckily, finding them online offers you more choices of phones and prices.  Below are some examples from two different office supply sites, and I would recommend that if you find one or two that appeal to you, Google the model number or name and get some comparison prices before making that purchase, but these can get you started.  All prices shown are not guaranteed, they are current at the time of this writing, and subject to change.

Office Max

  • RCA Models:  25203RE1, 25423RE1, 25424RE1, 25255RE2, 25425RE1.  Prices started at $39.99 up to $162.99, depending on the number of lines, features, and overall quality.
  • AT&T Models:  1040, 1070, 1080, 993, 22348666.  Prices stated at $69.99, again depending on the number of lines, features, and overall quality.

Office Depot

  • Plantronics T10 Corded Headset Telephone, Manufacturer #S1090300.  Price – $89.99.
  • Panasonic® KX-TG1061M, Manufacturer #PANKXTG1061M.  Price $62.96.
  • Panasonic KX-TS105B, Manufacturer #S5659251.  Price $33.95.

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Editor’s Note:  Team Double-Click Coaching is a sponsor of Work At Home Resource Guide and we are a proud endorser of their program.