Snagit by Tech Smith 

is a screen capture software, and per the TechSmith website: “With Snagit’s easy-to-use tools, you can quickly create images and videos to give feedback, solve a problem, or show off something cool. Snagit empowers you to communicate efficiently with visuals that give your ideas clarity and help you explain any subject.  See for yourself.  The more you use Snagit, the more ways you’ll find to use it.”  I definitely agree with that last line in particular.

Snagit came highly recommended to me by several people I worked with at the time and after I purchased it three years ago, I have since recommended Snagit to many people as well.  I find it extremely easy to use for taking the screen shots and also to manage and edit them.  Instructions and support documentation is readily available if necessary, and is helpful when first getting familiar with the product.

I have used Snagit for both personal and business applications.  You can take advantage of a free trial for 30 days and then if you decide to purchase, the current cost is $49.90.  You do not have to keep purchasing Snagit every year, your version will continue to be supported.  If you do want to upgrade to a newer version, Tech Smith does not charge the full price, currently it is $24.95 to upgrade.  I have owned Snagit for over three years, and have not upgraded mine yet, which has not resulted in any problems using it, although because several new versions have since been released, I am planning on upgrading in the near future to take advantage of the new features.

These are some examples of what I have used Snagit for while working, although I’m sure there were many more instances not listed here, as typically I use it many times during the course of a week.

Typical Screen Shots:

  • Issues with software applications that I could then send to an IT department or person and they could see exactly what is happening on my computer (no more writing down the error message that comes up, etc.).
  • In a meeting or webinar, copy a slide being used that I’d like to reference later or have a copy of.
  • While in training classes (of which I’ve taken many), I’ve found it extremely invaluable – It basically becomes my notes, I can get the screen shot and then even quickly and easily add some notes to that image as well.
  • Instructions that I can keep for later use and easily access when I want them or keep only as long as I need.  This has been anything from a recipe to working with a software program, to how to unplug a bathtub drain, to a craft or sewing project.
  • Little tricks that I’ve found with the client software applications, I can send to co-workers without lengthy emails or phone calls.
  • If I’m changing any program settings on software, I can screen shot the default or current settings, in case I need to change them back, or want to document in case I need to find that information at a later date.
  • Shots of applications, products, or other material used to create training instructional videos or for use during live training sessions or meetings, which makes it so much easier to explain how to do something when there is a visual to share.
  • Receipts or order confirmations – If I place an order for something that provides a confirmation number, I will take a screenshot of that page instead of writing it down or printing it out.  It’s easy to store, find if necessary, and easy to delete once no longer needed.  Not to mention saving paper and ink, and definitely a more green way of keeping documents that you likely won’t need long term.

I have not had any reason to make use of the TechSmith tech support, so I cannot speak to that support; however, I did contact their customer support to request assistance after my computer had crashed, because while I did have my key to install the software on my new computer, their system indicated I had installed it already so would not allow me to download.  Of course as my computer had crashed, I could not uninstall it first and then download, and was afraid that I would have to re-purchase.  I received very prompt service, and was provided with a special link in order to download the software to my new computer.  That issue was handled very well and I was very satisfied with that outcome.

Overall, my experience has been a great one using Snagit and if you’re interested in screen capture software, I’d definitely recommend you try it out for the trial period and see if you like it as well.