The other day I was driving my Jeep with my 22-year-old daughter, Kim, in the passenger seat and my 3-year-old granddaughter, Alexis, in her car seat in the back seat.  I’ve only recently moved to the small town I’m currently living in, and I don’t know the area very well yet.  We were heading to a store in a neighboring town I had not been to before, on a road I had not driven on before.  It’s a fairly rural area between my town and the one we were going to, so we were looking at the pretty scenery on either side of the road, no other cars in sight, and pointing out farms with barns and cows and different things for my granddaughter, Alexis, to look at and she was having fun waving at the animals and other things we’d spot.

Although the area where I live is overall pretty flat, this road we were on suddenly became very roller-coaster-like, with some pretty big peaks and valleys, the dips fun as we’d reach the crest and then swoop down, only to immediately begin our ascent up the next hill.

After the first couple of these “ups and downs,” my daughter, who was really enjoying this and especially the way Alexis was laughing in the back seat, started saying, “Mom, hit the gas!  Speed up!” as we were nearing the peak of a hill.  I’d….sort of….comply, but only giving it a little extra pressure on the gas pedal, not really making much of a difference.  As we’d go over the top and begin the descent, Kim would say, “Come on, Mom, you have to give it more than that, just hit the gas pedal!”  Now, we weren’t even going the 55 mph speed limit here, and I didn’t feel any particular danger and we weren’t going to have our tires leave the ground by just going over the top a little bit faster in order to get that fantastic “Wheee!” feeling in the pit of your stomach as it seems to stay at the top of the hill while the rest of you is already going down.

Suddenly Kim said as we were just about at the peak of the next one, “Mom, what are you AFRAID of?  Hit the gas, don’t be a chicken %&#@!!”

At that precise moment, I realized – I was afraid!  Why?  Simply because I couldn’t see over the peak of that hill.  It was a total and complete leap of faith that there was nothing there I was going to run into, and in fact—that the road was even going to continue!  There’s that one breathless moment when we just don’t know what’s there—but we have the faith that we’re not jumping off a cliff, we’re simply going to get a spectacular view, a funny feeling in the pit of our stomach, and a good laugh as we go through it together!

We came close to the top on the next one—I took a deep breath, and I hit the gas pedal a little harder this time, just enough to give us that extra “whoosh” and I could hear Alexis gasp in excitement before shouting out her “Wheeeeeeee!” and laughing.  At least that once, I decided to not be the chicken &*#@!

Work at Home Resource Guide

Today I was looking for inspiration, some motivation to remind me to have faith, to know that everything is going to work out—and on a video I was watching, I saw a reference to the Martin Luther King, Jr. quote,

Faith is taking the first step when you don’t see the whole staircase.

I instantly had the image in my mind of being at the top of that hill on that road, ready to go over the peak and having that momentary feeling of “what if?” when I could see nothing on the other side and knew I was about to go over, and it was blind faith that I relied on to keep the car moving forward.  And the thrill and wonderful feeling that is the result, and the reward.

Are you searching day after day for the work at home job that will give you what you want, the results and the rewards, but are afraid to take that leap?  Afraid to go over that hill, sign up, give the money for the background check, take the required training classes, do something that is totally new to you?

Sometimes in life – things are just that simple.  Just like I realized today when I am facing one of those scary moments in my own career, I realized that I had to once again, hit the gas pedal, hold my breath in anticipation, and have complete and total faith that the ride is going to not just keep me safe—but if I keep my eyes open and look around…be totally breathtaking!

Take the chance!  Make the change!  Take action!  Very soon, you could be working at the job you want and that can make a real difference in your life.  Have faith in you—I do!