My-Data-Team website states that they offer “legitimate work-from-home job opportunities that have proven success.”  Their site states that they are a “jobs program” and that they give you training and jobs to perform and then you get paid for the jobs you do.

As you read through the very, very long home page of information at the My-Data-Team website, you’ll find that essentially it is doing a major sales job of convincing you that they are “legitimate.”  The words legitimate and job are used over and over in the descriptions and explanations of how you will earn money doing a “legitimate work at home job.”

If you scroll about halfway down the page, you’ll find that the “bonus” portion of their membership includes “training and jobs for the following additional jobs programs as a team member.”  One of these job programs is a “Traditional Online Data-Entry Clerk/Virtual Office Assistant.”  This description of traditional online data entry clerk should be an immediate red flag.  If offering jobs in the “traditional” type of data entry is a bonus, then what are the “non-traditional” types of data entry jobs that are they key segment of their program?  If you continue reading through the list of other bonus jobs, you’ll see many of the common types of jobs available online, transcription, proofreader, etc.

So the cost to join their team and receive this training and get at-home data entry work is?  $49.95.  Which is a one-time fee, no yearly membership fees, and this also covers a “software licensing fee” as well.

My Experience with My-Data-Team

Approximately 7 or 8 months ago, I did decide to become a member, based on the 60-day money back guarantee policy, to find out firsthand if there was money to be made doing the data entry work program as described by My-Data-Team.  I know what data entry work is, I have had data entry jobs, (both online and offline) as well as many, many years of transcription experience, (also both online and offline).  Also, I do not necessarily believe that a job opportunity is a scam just because they are asking you for some money, as I have paid some upfront fees for jobs that have been completely legit and I have worked and made money doing those jobs.  I will add that before I paid any money, I did do some research on this site, and while I did not find a lot of information about them on the web at the time, I did find some negative comments, posts, and ratings.  After finding out what I could, I still decided to trust the guarantee and put my money down to find out for myself.

What I found out immediately upon looking over the membership site as a paid member, and reviewing the offered training videos, is the “data entry” work is simply affiliate marketing and the training video was an instructional video on how to sign up as an affiliate marketer with Clickbank.  Now, in fairness, I have absolutely nothing against affiliate marketing – I have some affiliate products myself and I think it is a completely honorable profession – IF done honorably!  Clickbank is also a company with a very good reputation, and I would recommend them to anyone who is interested in looking for affiliate products to promote, or as a site to search for products to purchase as well.

The “bonus” of giving job opportunities such as the “traditional” data entry job – consisted of giving a link to a Craigslist help wanted section.

At that point in looking over the My-Data-Team site, I did not waste any more of my time, there might have been some software to be downloaded for free (as indicated in the membership information), and if so, I cannot comment regarding any quality of software that you may receive with your paid membership.  To the credit of My-Data-Team, after my request in writing to cancel my membership and receive a full refund based on their guarantee, I did receive a full refund of my money within 7-10 days.

ConclusionWork at Home Resource Guide - Review

I absolutely would not recommend anyone spending money on My-Data-Team, and you will not find them on the Work at Home Resource Guide directory of companies.  I will not say outright that they are a scam, because you do get some information and products for your money, however, I think it walks a very, very fine line of what I would consider a scam.  Doing a data entry JOB and being an affiliate marketer with Clickbank are not AT ALL the same thing.  To call an affiliate marketer doing a data entry job is essentially comparing a chef to a surgeon.  After all, they both cut meat with a knife, right?  Data entry job and work you do to promote your affiliate product, well, they both require using the keyboard – so I guess according to My-Data-Team that makes them the same thing??!!

And supplying links to Craigslist ads (and no other leads) – pay money to join a membership site to be given links to Craigslist??!!  I have seen suggestions many, many times to use Craigslist as a resource, which is a perfectly acceptable tip and resource to use to locate a job—but to state that your site will be providing JOBS and then only give a link to that?  I don’t find that acceptable.

My number one issue here is the language that is used on this site to attempt to get you to reach for your wallet.  There is a LOTof work that My-Data-Team went to, to convince you that they are “legitimate” and use the words “data entry JOB” over and over.  In my opinion, this is just outright deceptive.  If a program is being offered on providing coaching for Clickbank marketing, why not just state that?  Why lure in the chefs and then tell them they are going to work as a surgeon?  Or if their program provides training videos on how to do transcription assignments you might get from Craigslist—then that is what should be described in the program material.

If you have had any experience with My-Data-Team, I would be interested in your comments and hope you add them below, whether or not your experience was similar to mine.  If you had a good experience with My-Data-Team, I would welcome your feedback as well, so please don’t hesitate to add your comments.

As always, good luck in your job search and wishing you much success and happiness in the hours you spend earning your income at home!