I’ve got a super great follow up for you that is a perfect segue for the recent coaching series, 7 Reasons Why You Need to Offer a Coaching Program; however, even if you are not currently working as a coach, do not let that turn you away now and I do encourage you to continue reading.  If you have a website business, or work in any kind of teaching, mentor, consultant career, as well as professional speaker, author, marketing, sales and other professions – really more professions than I could mention, you are really going to get a tremendous amount of value from 100CoachingTips.com.

100 Coaching Tips is offering a series of interviews with some amazing people, providing a wide range of topics and offering tips, information, and secrets to their success, as well as coaching that is usually reserved for their clients and at a very high price.

The host of these interviews is Bart Baggett, an author, and guest on over 1500 radio and TV shows over the past 2 decades, on national news and talk shows such as “Larry King Live” and the “Today Show.”  Throughout July and August, Bart’s interviews include great role models such as:

  • John Assaraf, a NY Times Best-Selling author, and who was featured in The Secret
  • Rhonda Britten, author, and the first life coach on TV and Emmy Award winner
  • James Malinchak, who earns over $15,000 per client for private coaching and appeared on ABC’s “Secret Millionaire”
  • Marcia Wieder, author of 14 books and 2 appearances on “Oprah”
  • Rand Stagen, co-founder of the Stagen Institute, a CEO coaching program for companies earning $10 million – $500 million per year
  • Pat Mussieux, who is known as the Business Coach to Canadian Women Entrepreneurs and in 18 months created a 6-figure, home-based business after starting a new life in a new city after leaving a 22-year marriage with virtually nothing
  •  And many, many more interesting and fascinating expert guests.

You can see the schedule and list of guests on the tab labeled “Interviews” on the 100 Coaching Tips website.

Of the interviews that I have been able to listen to so far, there is not one that I have not found of interest to me directly, and taken notes to use in my business and personal life, and of note here is that I am not a personal coach.

For example, the interview with Eric Lofholm, who is a leading expert in sales script writing and coaching, amazed me with the simple and straightforward information he gave on sales and I wish I would have had those tips and sales scripts years ago!  Sales is an area I have always wanted to improve on, both for my own work in sales, but also as a manager providing coaching to members of my team on how to improve their own sales skills.  Actually, for years, I honestly began to believe that the same “sales instructional manual” (probably written 30 or 40 years ago) was just being rewritten and republished by someone else, and was always as equally boring as it was un-helpful!  Which is why I found just that one hour interview with Eric so impressive, because I was not bored, it was not the same old/same old/same old, and he provided information that at least for me, I really can find useful!  I know I’ll definitely be looking more into Eric’s website and using the free download he provided for help with time management.

100 Coaching Tips interviews are free for the live calls, and are available for free replay afterwards for 24 hours, so even if you can’t make the call, you can still listen to it for free.  When you become a member, there are also free giveaways that Bart and other guests have provided as well.  During the calls, some of the guests also provided some special offers on their regular products.  And becoming a member is also free.

If you want to hear the interviews you’ve missed or would just like to have a copy of all of the interviews (24 one-hour interviews), you can also upgrade to a paid membership and receive the interviews on either mp3 or CD’s, as well as the transcripts and some other bonuses.  For information on that value product and prices, click on the tab that says “Download All 24 Interviews Now” on the website, 100CoachingTips.com for complete information.

I do hope you take advantage of listening to these free interviews and the great content being provided by 100CoachingTips.com, and I feel confident that you will enjoy most, if not all of them, as I have so far!  Please be advised that this endorsement was not solicited and Work At Home Resource Guide is not affiliated with 100CoachingTips.com, and receives no payment from them if you happen to decide to make a purchase.  Our goal here is to pass along the website and interviews to our readers so they can benefit from the wealth of information from a single source and in an easy-to-absorb format, as the interviews are very conversational and enjoyable to listen to.  You can remove any image in your mind of sitting in a lecture hall, and also they are not “infomercial-ish or sales webinar-ish” either.  While some of the guests may mention a product they offer on their own website, that is usually at the end of the call for a minute or two, and the overall interviews are definitely NOT sales pitches.

Add it to your schedule, you’ll be glad you did!

As always, good luck in your job search or online business, and wishing you much success and happiness in the hours you spend earning your income at home!