Disclaimer:  I worked with LiveOps in early 2011, although not for any extended length of time.  I went through the application process, training, and ultimately did work for a short period of time before resigning to accept another opportunity.

About the Company

From the LiveOps website:

With an array of tools, technology and support staff, LiveOps is here to help you build your business or get started providing services. Our Call Center technology gives you access to the resources you need to learn about the products you sell- and we have a thriving community of 20,000 other agents who share best practices and tips for successful selling. Have a question or need some information? Agents have access to forums, chat, phone and email support to give you the best service in the industry.

About the Position

LiveOps is essentially a virtual call center for some specific industries, such as insurance (you are required to be a licensed insurance agent to be that type of agent) and roadside assistance.  They also have a large number of clients that require sales agents, inbound for order taking with upsells/cross-sells, and outbound sales agents as well.

There is a $50 fee for a background check and credit check; there were no additional fees.  The LiveOps FAQ’s provide details regarding the criteria for the credit check and if you are concerned about that, I recommend reading the FAQ, you may want to go ahead with the application process.

There is a list of equipment requirements on their website, make sure to check that list and confirm that you meet those requirements.  Other than your personal computer, the main equipment item you will need is a landline telephone, which cannot have any features on it or be your regular home phone.

I found the application process simple, and I was advised in a fairly short period of time (probably within a week) that I could proceed with the process to join.  (That may not be typical.)

The remainder of the process was also simple, and I don’t recall that I needed to download any software or applications to my computer.  Training was free, easy, and all self-paced through web-video instructions.  Much of the training was on the products that I would be taking orders for, as well as cross-selling and upselling.  I completed all the training within a week.  There was a fairly extensive library of training materials and sample calls for your use as well.

Of note is that I was essentially “assigned” the type of agent I would be (sales taking inbound calls) and the products/clients that I was working with.  There was no choice in this; however, once you have established yourself and shown some success with the client you’ve been assigned, you will eventually have the opportunity to receive calls from other clients.   You will be advised of that option for the new client/product and have to go through the training modules/videos for that client/product in order to begin taking those calls.  The more products that you are able to take calls for, the greater chance for a higher call volume, which means more money, etc.

LiveOps pays by the minute, there is no minimum hourly rate.  There is a lot of flexibility in their scheduling, however, calls are routed to agents based on criteria such as call handle time, sales ratios, etc., and you may find that some shifts are going to have a better chance of having calls – and thus making money – than others.

There is support while working through a chat room, although for the types of calls I received, there was really very little support needed.  I found the application to place orders very simple and easy to use.


In Summary

I found the calls simple, although again, there is a lot of upselling and cross-selling, so be prepared for that and being successful in sales is key to success with LiveOps.

The pros:  Easy training, very low start-up cost, easy to apply and be accepted.  Calls were generally easy, customers that I experienced were ready to buy.  For those who are good at sales, there are incentives available to increase your earning potential.  Schedule flexibility is very good, and for the clients/products I was taking calls for, hours were available 24/7.

The cons:  The way the calls are routed, if the volume of calls is low, you may spend time waiting for calls and not getting paid.  Lots of selling, if selling is not something you enjoy (or can at least tolerate), then you may not be successful.  No tech support available, they have a paid service that they can refer you to for tech support.

Reason I resigned:  An opportunity came up for me to work in a position with a different company doing work that I preferred to do.  However, I likely would have chosen to also walk away from LiveOps, simply because I do not believe that my sales skills were sufficient enough to be successful with LiveOps.

Would I recommend it to a friend?  Yes.  As long as I explained the information above and they researched and understood what the opportunity was like, I would have no problem recommending LiveOps to a friend looking for work online.