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My name is Beth Steelman, founder and main contributing author to the Work At Home Resource Guide.  I have done work at home jobs or businesses for most of my adult life, an entrepreneur at heart, but much of that work was what I will generically refer to as a “JOB” – regardless how I was paid (employee or independent contractor, etc.) because for most of these “jobs,” I was generally under the control of someone or some company.  I was hired/contracted and provided with work assignments or responsibilities and then ultimately paid for my time and/or work product.

I have always been someone to look outside the box in a lot of areas of my life, and definitely when it came to finding work, as well as the type of work I have done.  I was raised by parents who taught me (and pretty much everyone around me agreed with them) that you go to school, once done you create a resume, look through want-ads for a job, apply for a job, and if offered, you took it and worked there or another similar position until you are 65 years old, and then you get your gold watch and retire.

Although I have followed some of those steps—well, I also made a lot of, let’s say modifications to that instruction guide for getting a job as well.  Especially when I became a mother, because although no one was more surprised than myself, I found that yes, I did want to be there as a full-time, stay-at-home mom; however, additional income was needed in our household, so I found all kinds of ways to bring in additional income and still get what I wanted, which was to avoid obtaining childcare and working 9-5 Monday through Friday.

The internet was an easy transition for me when it came to finding work and income, and over the last 8 years, I have made my living working online.  Along the way, I have learned a lot, and also had a lot of people ask me how I found the jobs, how I made money, how to get started, where to look, etc., even from people who already had one online job, but had no idea how to find other companies who hire people to work at home.  I have seen a lot of forums and sites that offer links, but I found in my search that I generally had to go to a lot of different sites in order to get all the information I needed, which can be frustrating, and is extremely time consuming.

So my purpose of starting this blog is to provide a resource that will have enough information about companies that hire for work at home, so that readers can narrow down their list significantly and spend time and effort doing additional research only on the companies and jobs they really want, fit the criteria, and hire in their location.

Additionally, in my own search, I always received the best information about any work at home job when I was able to talk to someone who actually worked for that company.  Articles, forums, blogs, company websites all of course have great information, but most of the time, hearing the information firsthand gave me some little piece—or a big piece—of information that I otherwise would not have known.  With this in mind, another goal at the Work at Home Resource Guide will be to provide interviews with people who have worked with a specific company for at least one year and regularly, and give them an opportunity to provide some first-hand feedback about that company and that job.

Along the way, we will also do our best to provide information, news, helpful tips, and products that will also benefit you in your search for a work at home job, or even after you are settled in and making money from home.

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Welcome and wishing you all the success in your work at home job or business!