Can you motivate?  Are you known for motivating others?  Don’t be so quick to say no—you might just be the next great motivational speaker, webinar host, life coach, or other internet business where you can make a difference in someone’s life.

I was recently reading a popular blog that referred to “speaking passionately” which described how many of us have done this, even if it was something as simple as giving a toast at a wedding or a presentation at a business lunch.  Speaking with passion is one of the characteristics of a good motivational speaker.

The words “spoken passionately” brought to mind how I often hear people say they have nothing to talk about, nothing to offer as inspiration to others, and I admit, I used to say that, too.  I consider it lucky now (although not so much at the time), but several years ago, through some of those weird twists and turns we all have in our lives, I ended up in a job that taught me to stop saying, “I have nothing to say to motivate people!”  (And definitely about the only good thing about that job!)  But through that job, I realized that each of us really can teach, inspire, motivate, and make a difference in other people’s lives.  The last thing I thought would happen when I agreed to take that job was that I would find myself leading an online weekly, work-related coaching session for a small to mid-size group of people, however, that is exactly what I found myself doing.  Although I was the host and coach of those events, and [hopefully] providing helpful information, assistance, and education to those who attended, I know that I walked away with an education that I never expected from that experience.

Lessons Learned

One lesson learned:  Out of my natural, story-telling nature, I began using stories of events in my own life to make a point or to give an example.  Much to my own surprise, the feedback was very positive, which encouraged me to do this more often and definitely with much more enthusiasm, and not just in the weekly group coaching sessions, but also in one-on-one sessions with people as well.  Over and over, I had an overwhelming positive reaction from those I was working with.  What I discovered while doing this was not only that whatever I was teaching was much more effective and impactful, but by using my own stories and doing so with passion and enthusiasm, the bonus was a lot more open discussion, including other people sharing their own stories.  And yet another bonus?  Ultimately this lead to a better, friendlier, and more personable relationship between myself and those I was coaching, and ultimately improved job performance and job satisfaction.

Second lesson learned:  The sharing of my own life and the results that I noted from those attending, did not teach me I have some extraordinary, super inspirational life— in fact, I can guarantee you that I have not saved anyone who has fallen in a well, run into a burning building to get the cat still inside, lifted a car up off a child trapped underneath, made a billion dollars on a $5 investment, nor even beat the odds of surviving some life-threatening disease that no one else has survived.  But what is amazing and what I know that before this coaching opportunity, I certainly did not realize, is that each and every one of us does have something to share.  And if you tell your story with passion and emotion, and then equally as important:  ask a question or simply be quiet and let the other people in the room participate and begin to share their own stores–well, you just might find that you have helped another human being.  And who knows, that may very well touch something inside of you that you previously hadn’t even allowed yourself to consider as a way to make a living.

You can be an inspiration to others!

Your life can be an inspiration or motivation to others.  You do have something to share.  Share it with emotion and with passion, with humor or tears, and you will make an impact on another person.  And then, Work at Home Resource Guide - Inspirewho knows?  That person may one day tell a friend of a breakthrough or an accomplishment in their own life and how it had been inspired by a story they were told—by you.  And as for you, you may just have opened up a door to a whole new world of possibilities for yourself and what you want to do with your life and your career, because life coaching or business coaching is a rapidly growing field.  One of the reasons it is becoming so popular, is the satisfaction of those who hire a life coach, and the value that they place on this service.

Life coaching is described by many as a true calling, but the motivation and drive of the successful coach is simply a passion to help people.

Here at Work At Home Resource Guide, we are going to begin a series of articles focusing on whether coaching might be a profession you’d like to consider, and how to offer your own coaching program.  Check back daily for that informative series, beginning this upcoming week.

Much success and happiness in whatever choice you make for a work at home job or career!