The sites listed below may offer you some additional resources in your search for a work at home job or business.

The sites listed below may offer you some additional resources in your search for a work at home job or business.

Note:  Work at Home Resource Guide does not have any affiliations with the sites listed below, unless otherwise indicated, and also does not offer any guarantee on any products or information that you may obtain from them, however, these are resources that we use regularly or have come highly recommended to us by trusted sources. – The online magazine for work at home moms.  Very large and extensive site, with a very active forum.  An excellent place to do additional research, especially once you are interested in a specific company. Work At Home Moms – Additional details on many companies that have home workers.

Mystery Shopping Providers Association (MSPANorth America) – Professional Association for Mystery Shoppers.  For a complete review of the MSPA site, click here.

Transcription Essentials Forum  – “Transcription Essentials is a community of transcription professionals who pride themselves on their commitment to excellence.”

Transcription Haven – “A safe place to post and ask questions regarding transcription and working at home.”

Work At Home Mom Revolution – This is a blog that posts classified ads that have been posted on other online sites, but it can save you the work of having to check a lot of online classified ad sites.

Forensic Linguistics Institute – Offers online courses available for those who wish to work in the forensic industry (such as transcription or translation.) Click on the dropdown menu labeled “Courses” for more information.

Access to Translating and Interpreting – Workshops in forensics and other events for translators and interpreters to advance their skills.

VANetworking Forum:  VA Networking Forum has a free forum and a section for the paid members.  A fairly popular and active forum for virtual assistants.

FlexJobs:  A site listing companies that hire with “flexible” schedules or telecommuting, which can be a great asset for moms or dads who would like to spend more time at home with children, an adult who is also a caretaker for an elderly or disabled spouse, parent or other relative, individuals with disabilities, parents whose spouse travels frequently, military spouses, and more.  Good source for listing a wide variety of companies and job ads, check the listings in your local area for companies that offer telecommuting positions, either fully at home or part-time, sometimes training is done on site and then transition to telecommute.  Of note:  This is not a free site, but it is a membership site that will require a monthly subscription fee.  At the time of this writing, the basic membership ranged from $14.95/month to $49.95/year, with 3-month or yearly memberships offering the most value.  You can cancel at any time, and there is a 100% money back guarantee as well, for complete details, read the “terms of use” on the website. FlexJobs has an impressive list of reviews, so check out their media page for more details.

My Employment Options:  My Employment Options is a site for “job seekers with disabilities and other challenges.”  They provide job placement and employment services for beneficiaries of SSI and SSDI, and are a part of the Ticket to Work program.  My Employment Options ONLY works with individuals through the Ticket to Work program, so if you are not currently collecting SSI or SSDI, this company will not be able to assist you, even if you are disabled.  My Employment Options does not charge anything for their services, they pre-qualify candidates and assist you in obtaining either a work at home job or a local job that is best suited to your skills and your physical needs and/or challenges.  See their website for complete details on how they can assist you if you fit this criteria.

Editor’s Note:  My Employment Options has a book being offered for sale on their website that is written by the president of their company.  Work At Home Resource Guide is not in any way endorsing or recommending you purchase the book available on the My Employment Options website, nor are we recommending that you do not.  In other words, if you decide to purchase that book, please use your best judgment and review the sample pages prior to purchasing.