If you would like to make money working online, there are a number of ways to do it. One idea that is becoming more and more popular — and profitable — is eBooks. They require very little cost upfront and can provide part-time small income, or in some cases, part-time large income and possibly much, much more, depending on the market your books are in and of course, your own input.

As you probably know, eBooks are digital reading media that is easy to pass along to others.  Many are opting for electronic books over printed books these days for several reasons.  The number of available eBooks is enormous, and has the bonus of giving readers more choices than just the ones made by the big publishing companies on what books will be available to read and which ones won’t.  I, myself, have purchased some really fantastic self-published digital books and I really welcome all the options I now have.  The best thing about eBooks – they can be created and published by you.

Also, eBooks are easy to use and store. They fill files on your computer instead of space on bookshelves in your home. EBooks can be read in PDF format online or printed to take with you. Unlike traditional books, as soon as you order an eBook, you can have access to it in minutes.

So – What does that mean to you?

Do you like to write?  If you have a way with words and a talent for enticing readers, you can use eBooks to bring a profit to your blog or website.  Use your niche as subject matter for your eBooks.  Since you already have knowledge about, say…homeschooling, put your experience to work by offering it to others in the form of an eBook.  No blog or website?  Your eBook may spur you to start one!

The cost to you is negligible.  Likely, you already have access to the Internet and a computer that is probably filled with software that is needed to work with eBooks: Microsoft Publisher, Adobe Acrobat and Microsoft Word.  It is not a matter of creating the inside of the eBook.  There are books and online articles that give tips for writing eBooks people will want to read.

EBooks vary in size.  You may be able to charge more for longer books or you may command a good price for shorter ebooks that provide very concise and valuable information.

An eBook can be composed in a Word document on your computer.  Use Microsoft Publisher to format your work and add extras to attract readers, or you can find many sources for outsourcing book formatting, as well as someone to even create your cover, for very little money.  (Try Fiverr.com as one source!)

Selling EBooks

Now that you have created this eBook, you’ll need to find a way to get it into people’s hands.  If you do have a blog or a website, marketing your eBook follows the same lines of marketing, and there are also many books available to help with marketing, as well as forums for authors and publishers with a lot of group support.

Use article marketing to draw attention to your eBooks.  Create an article series based on your eBook. Submit these articles to article sites and on your blog or website.  Give just enough information in the articles to have the reader wanting to know more.  In the resource box, mention the eBook and link to your website.  Submit articles to social bookmarking sites with links to your website page showcasing the eBooks.

If you are selling your books directly, for customer ease, link your eBooks with your checkout process.  Once the customer pays (PayPal, credit card, debit card) they will receive a link via email or automatically where they can download your product.

If you choose to sell your books on sites such as Amazon or Barnes & Noble, you will find encyclopedic-type volumes of information and assistance to help you submit to those sites and terrific forums as well.

EBooks cost you next to nothing to produce so there is a potential for a high profit.  Even if you do want to submit your book to one of the larger retailers, such as Amazon, the royalties are probably higher than what you think–as much as 70%.  So, turn your writing skills and expertise in a part-time job!