WAHVE – Work At Home Vintage Employees

WAHVE has been in business since May of 2010, and was founded by top executives with more than 30 years of insurance agency, technology and service-center experience.

Contact Information: Website:  http://www.wahve.com/, Phone Number: (646) 807-4372.

“WAHVE’s mission is to be the leader in innovative workforce optimization, transforming how the insurance industry fulfills its staffing needs.  WAHVE is the repository of the insurance industry’s institutional knowledge and provides “phased retirement” opportunities for the emerging retiree population. Our innovative staffing approach will transform how our society views retirement and keep knowledge jobs in America.

Vision:  Reinventing retirement in America by helping people stay productive longer in a more balanced and rewarding way and providing businesses continued access to their talent and experience in innovative ways.”

Work at Home Resource GuideWAHVE is unique in several aspects.  First, that they focus solely on the insurance industry, providing a complete line of insurance specialist, remote, outsourced staffing alternatives to agents, brokers, and insurance companies.  Also they recruit “vintage” employees, a tongue-in-cheek–and a rather classy way–of stating that they hire retirees for their staffing, thus their clients can be assured that the remote staffing is experienced, and familiar with product, culture, and industry language.

Some of the job functions that they provide are:  Retail and wholesale broker P&C services, retail and wholesale broker health & life services; mentors, trainers, and consultants; Back office support including underwriting and claims assistance, loss control specialist, accounting & finance.

Applying, Hiring, Training

The requirements to be considered for employment at WAHVE are:

  • Must have 20+ years insurance experience
  • Must have a dedicated workspace at your home
  • Must have a fully updated computer system to utilize during working hours
  • Must have high-speed Internet connection

You can expect a fairly extensive interview process and submitting of your qualifications, as well as discussions with WAHVE to determine the type of work and the days and hours you wish to work.  When a job request is received that matches your skills and the hours you want to work, you are contacted, and if you agree, your information is passed to the client for their approval.  If the client approves, you then begin working as a WAHVE employee.

Training:  Training is done over the web in order to learn the client’s processes, workflows and management system.  You are paid for your time while you are in training.  Typically this will be three to five days.

How Do I Work?  You log into the client’s system on your home computer each day to complete your work, the same as if you were working directly in the client’s actual office.

Pay:  Pay is based on the job and experience.

Schedule:  Work is both part-time and full-time, and your work schedule will be based on your preferences and the client’s needs.  You are not necessarily limited to working only day time hours.

Equipment:  You do need high speed internet and a computer that meets their technological requirements. You do not need to have a separate phone line or any other equipment.  Per WAHVE FAQ’s:

You must have a working PC/Mac or laptop with a minimum of Windows XP, 2.4 Mghz processor, 1GB RAM and latest virus and spyware software.  Our technology staff can review this with you.  Some clients use dual monitors and you may be required to purchase one.

Where to apply:  Start the application process here.

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