About the Company

Tutor.com is a company that offers tutoring for a wide variety of classes online.  It takes one-on-one learning and gives students around the world the chance to get the aid they need.  According to the company, their philosophy is that students should be able to get help whenever they need it from industry experts.

Tutoring from Tutor.com is utilized by people and businesses around the world.  Schools, educational institutions, libraries, militaries, and governments all have used the services.

About the Position

Currently, the at-home positions available at Tutor.com are tutoring positions in a variety of subjects, including but not limited to, math, languages, laws, researching, business, and liberal arts topics.  Tutors are expected to be subject matter experts as well as have good people skills, as they will be required to not only instruct the students but help to foster a positive learning attitude.

From the Tutor.com website: “If you love your field and want to share your knowledge, you’ll love being an online tutor with Tutor.com. Our tutors are the best of the best and earn extra income while tutoring subjects they are passionate about. Work from home and earn extra money by becoming an online tutor with Tutor.com!”


Connect with those trying to learn one of the many topics offered and help them build understanding and confidence with their subject(s).  Classify each session with students to help future learning.

Skills and Requirements

In order to get a job with Tutor.com, you need to have expertise in the area that you are looking to tutor in.  They also want people who have a passion to work with others on the subjects that they tutor.  You must also be able to prove that you are eligible to work in either the US or Canada.  Having good communications skills both in oral and written communication are a must.


You must be a subject area expert with a college standing of sophomore or higher.  Alternatively, you can have a US or Canadian degree from an accredited school of high education.

If you are not sure if you are a subject matter expert, Click Here to look up the concept list for what tutors will teach.

System Requirements

Tutors must have a Windows based PC running Windows 7 or above with 4 GB of RAM or more and a processor with 1.8 GHz or higher.  A stable, at-home, land-based internet connection of 256 kbit or higher in both upload and download speed, Internet Explorer 11, Microsoft Word 2007 or higher, and a working headset are all requirements.


Work from home tutors for Tutor.com must reside in either the United States or Canada.


You must be available to work at least 5 hours a week or more. You can create a schedule each week, log on unscheduled and pick up sessions, or set your availability for scheduled appointments.


The pay scale for your work depends on the subject you tutor.  For higher quality topics you can get a pay bump.  Tutor.com will advise of specific pay structure once you begin the application process, but around the web, tutors report earning anywhere from $10 to $15.  The highest earnings of users reported on employment review websites that they were making around $24 an hour. Again, this is reported income from independent sources and not coming from Tutor.com. Your pay will come directly from Tutor.com, and not from your clients.

What Tutors are Saying Around the Web

The Glassdoor website has over 290 reviews for Tutor.com jobs posted online.  Overall there is a 3.3 star rating and 63% of people would recommend working for Tutor.com.  Users like that the hours are flexible but not that the availability of work hours fluctuates.  Glassdoor Reviews can be found here.

Indeed has a similar rating for Tutor.com of around 3.5 stars. There are only 54 reviews on the website. View the Indeed reviews for yourself here.

Where To Apply

In order to become a tutor for Tutor.com you need to fill out an application online.  You can start the application process by clicking here.  At the bottom there is a place that you can click APPLY NOW.  There is also a button at the top right of the page that you can click to START YOUR APPLICATION. According to their website, enthusiasm is key! So, let your enthusiasm show when you apply and in your work with Tutor.com!

Good luck in your search!