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began operations in 1986 in the US as an outsourcing company for customer contact centers, and now has 32 customer contact centers around the world, including the US, Canada, UK, Bulgaria, Columbia, Egypt, India, Mexico, Philippines, and the United Arab Emirates, with over 29,000 employees.  In 2007, Sutherland launched their virtual workplace, otherwise known as Sutherland@Home, to offer flexible work at home jobs as an additional product for their clients.

Sutherland@Home offers a variety of positions for at-home workers, who are hired as employees, not as independent contractors.  The work at home positions include call center support positions for tech support, customer service, and inside sales.  Also available for work at home is back office associates, which is data entry or transaction processing work (experience in AP, AR, and GA not required, but a plus), and management and supervisory positions.  According to the Sutherland website, there is a possibility for advancement in the work at home positions.

Applying, Hiring, Training

Most of the virtual positions will be part time, however, there may be full time available as well.  Benefits will be the same as for their in-house workers for full time, and a basic 401K package is available for part-time workers.  It is indicated in the job description and requirements that flexibility is a plus for both work shifts and training classes, and it is indicated that scheduling for work shifts varies from client to client, but it is considered flexible scheduling.  While the call centers for many clients operate 24/7, most of the hours where agents are needed are between 8:00 am and 10:00 pm EST.

Sutherland has a variety of clients, and agents would be assigned a client to work for and would be dedicated strictly to that one client.  They do not allow working for more than one client at a time.  If you do wish to change to a different client, a transfer to another available position can be considered after you have been an employee for six months in good standing with your current client that you are assigned to.

The application process is easy to follow on the website.  After reading all the provided information, go to the “current jobs available” page, and from there you will see the large link to apply now (on the right side of the screen).  From that link, you will be able to search for openings (I recommend choosing “all” for the type of jobs and just choose your appropriate country) and if there is a position you would like to apply for, there is a link on the page to apply online.  This will bring up a screen that either invites you to log in, if you’ve applied previously, or if not, you can complete a profile to get started.  Have a cover letter and your resume ready to upload and/or copy and paste.  After submitting your application, you can watch your email for a request to go further.  If invited to proceed, you may need to take some assessments and provide additional information, leading to an interview.  If you do receive an email, details will be included.

Equipment and Technical Requirements

You will be required to have a noise cancelling headset, and internet connection must be high speed DSL or cable/broadband.  Computer requirements are listed in detail on their website — click here — but are relatively easy to comply for the average home computer desktop or laptop and acceptable operating systems are Windows XP,Vista, and Windows 7, 32 or 64 bit.  Again, check their website for complete details on operating systems and other computer requirements.  No mention was made on their website of the need for a landline phone, (which is a typical requirement for many virtual call center companies) and if you do not have a landline phone, I would recommend checking with Sutherland further to determine if that will be required.  Several online forums had posts from Sutherland employees indicating a landline was not required for working, however, a telephone is required for training purposes.  Again, please check with Sutherland to confirm that requirement.

At-home call/support centers are an excellent job opportunity for military spouses, and as a matter of fact, Sutherland states that 18% of their at-home workforce are former military.  Others who may benefit from a work at home call center job are people with special needs, chronic illness, or disabilities; parents of young children; caretakers of family members who are special needs or elderly; retirees, and those looking for additional income to their current job.

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Contact information for Sutherland@Home:

Where to Apply:  Click Here

Email: – Not for submitting resumes, for additional questions prior to applying

Phone:  1-800-388-4557 x2823

Please keep in mind that there are FAQ’s and other information available on the Sutherland website that should answer most if not all of your questions with regard to positions, what is available, and hiring, so it is recommended that check that resource before emailing or calling.