About The Company

BabbleType is a company that specializes in audio to text services for market research companies. They believe that by specializing in this one service, they are able to deliver better products and their customers agree.

When it comes to services, BabbleType offers three distinct options: Transcription, translation, and content analysis.  With each of these services, they are able to help companies grow and be more productive. Especially since each order is delivered with speed and quality combined.

Clients love all of that but they also love the quality and price guarantee that BabbleType offers. Providing clients top of the line services and then guaranteeing the services is a great way to keep clients coming back for years. That means that there will always be positions open.

What Positions Are Available

Because BabbleType is a three-prong company, they have three different positions open.  These positions are transcriptionists, proofreaders, and translators. All positions are independent contractors. Interested in one of these positions? Take a look at the job description for each position.


BabbleType transcription customers vary greatly. Almost all of the clients are requiring general transcription from businesses. Anything from business to business to medical recordings are transcribed. All assignments are assigned to independent contractors but for jobs with specific requirements, you might need to have special expertise.


Transcriptionists are required to listen to audio of all kinds of recordings and transcribe it into text. From one-on-one meetings to larger gatherings, the work comes in various forms.


Payment for working as a transcriptionist is paid out once a week, every week.  Rates are provided per individual job and quoted to you on a per minute basis.  A 60-minute piece of audio would get you a 60-minute payout.


Proofreading is an important part of the BabbleType business.  All of the products put forth by BabbleType, according to the business, are to be of the best quality. Proofreaders help to ensure that each piece of work is free of errors and is professionally correct.


Proofreaders are responsible for correcting material that is produced by other portions of the BabbleType company to ensure they are error free. You will also be required to ensure that the document carries the professional nature of business communication and material. In addition to that, proofreaders must also listen to audio segments that the transcriptionist could not clearly make out and transcribe it.


Payment for proofreaders is very similar to that of the transcriptionist. Payment is issued once per week, every week. For proofreading work, you can expect to get paid $0.15 for each recorded minute. Audio auditing pays a little more at $0.25 per each recorded minute.


BabbleType works with clients from all around the world. In order to effectively serve clients, BabbleType also offers translation services. The one difference that most translators will notice is that they will be working with an audio document instead of a written document. Many feel that this type of work feels much more like being an interpreter and as such comes more naturally.


Those who translate for BabbleType are responsible for listening to audio recordings and translating audio they hear into written words in a second language. Translators must not only translate the words but also convey the same message as the recorded audio.


Just like with other independent contractor positions at BabbleType, you will get paid on a weekly basis. Translation pay is based on a per-minute basis for recorded audio. This is the same way that transcriptionists get paid; however, the pay for translators is higher.

Requirements For All Positions

All of those who work for BabbleType as independent contractors are expected to have a firm grasp of the languages that they work with. For the most part this will be English. During the application process you will have to complete a small test on your abilities to perform the job duties outlined by BabbleType.  While you don’t have to be a perfectionist, you should be able to check your own work to ensure that it is free of obvious errors.

For the most part, BabbleType is looking to hire native language speakers only.  There are a few positions for non-native speakers available but the applications are accepted on a limited basis.

These requirements apply to all positions at BabbleType.

Availability of Work For All Positions

The availability for those who work for BabbleType varies widely.  For transcriptionists and proofreaders, assignments are put up every day. You can sign up for work each day and then you will be responsible for completing it, usually within 22 hours.

Translators work slightly differently. BabbleType sends out an email when work is available and those who respond may be given assignments. Whether or not you receive an assignment depends on how many people respond versus how much work is available.

What Others Are Saying About BabbleType Around the Web

Glassdoor has a review of 1.9 out of 5 stars for BabbleType.  This review is based off of the experience of past independent contractors.  A total of 26 reviews led to this rating.

Indeed has a few reviews listed for BabbleType with an average of 3.5 out of 5 stars with some good things to say about the company.

WAHM.com has several discussion threads on BabbleType. Do a search on their website to locate the threads.

Where To Apply?

The application for any of the BabbleType positions is here. First you will see descriptions for the different positions and then a section on payment, followed by a form. Fill out the form with all of the relevant information and complete the quick tests that are relevant to your application.  Once you are done, click submit.

Good luck in your search!