About the Company

AccuTran Global is a company that provides online transcription services to customers around the world. Since 2002 they have been using North American transcriptionists who work from home to deliver quality products. They also hire real-time stenographers and voicewriters. While they are headquartered in British Columbia, Canada, their transcriptionists are from all over Canada and the United States.

About The Position

AccuTran Global contracts out to transcriptionists who listen to audio and then type out the content word for word. These documents are used for a wide variety of purposes but are to be produced with the highest of quality.

Examples of audio that might need to be transcribed are:
• Quarterly Earnings Calls
• Acquisition and Merger Announcements
• Meeting Recordings
• Depositions and Legal Hearings
• Interviews
• Teleconferences
• And More


As a transcriptionist you would be responsible for providing written documents of audio files in digital format, i.e., speech to text. You will also be responsible for proofing and editing the files to create quality material for AccuTran’s clients around the world.

Skills and Requirements

In order to work with AccuTran you must have great command of the English language, including spelling and grammar, as well as comprehension and listening skills. You will need to be able to transcribe 70 words per minute minimum and a typing test is part of the application process. Having the ability to understand Australian and European accents is helpful as well.

Technical Requirements

You are required to have at least one computer with your own account. This account should have its own secure password. The computer should be running Windows 10 and have at least 4 GB of RAM. Windows 7 and 8 may still work with some devices but there is no guaranteed compatibility.
Some users can run a simulated version of Windows 10 on their Mac computers but will find this somewhat difficult to do.

Users should have the ability to connect via the internet with broadband speed.

Earphones or other high-quality headphones are acceptable.

Foot pedals are not indicated as being a requirement by AccuTran but are generally recommended for anyone doing transcription.


Because this job is work from home, you have a lot of leeway where you can work from. Most AccuTran employees live in North America, but North Americans living abroad or traveling who have a bank account based in North America can also work for AccuTran.

You should have a quiet space set aside to work in. This will optimize productivity and is requested by AccuTran.


AccuTran does not require a set schedule every week or even for you to be available every week. Transcribers send an email to AccuTran every Friday indicating their availability for the following week. You will then be assigned work based on your schedule, if work is available for you.

AccuTran uses a message system that you install on your computer and your phone to alert you that work is available so you don’t have to sit in front of your computer waiting. They have a variety of hours/days that you can work, Monday through Friday, day and evening, as well as weekend work. You need to be alert to the message system if you have indicated you are available, because the work is assigned with little advance notice.


There was no mention of formal training in the information we reviewed on the AccuTran website, but that information may be provided when you are further into the application process.


In order to work for AccuTran you are required to pass a transcription test and must type a minimum of 70 words per minute. It is helpful to have past experience with transcription, but it isn’t required.


In most cases AccuTran pays contractors based on the total word count. At the time of this writing, starting rates are around $0.004 per word and can max out at $0.0055 per word. Projects with longer turnaround times may also be paid at $0.40 per minute of audio listened to. It is important to note that AccuTran will consider you a self-employed contractor, which means they do not provide a 1099 or T4.

Bonuses may be paid for difficult to understand audio and audio that uses technical terms.

Pay is on the 15th of each month for work completed the previous month, and through direct deposit to a US or Canadian bank account.

There are no fees to work with AccuTran, upfront or otherwise.

Work Load/Level

Transcriptionists for AccuTran Global are self-employed contractors and provide work on an as-needed basis. The amount of work available can vary greatly, but AccuTran does let transcribers know if they anticipate a large amount of available, and they also have their busy seasons, so you can plan accordingly. At times, you might find that there is full-time equivalent of available work. At others, you will be part-time or casual.

You can work as much or as little as you want. The Friday before every week, you submit what days you are available and for what hours. There is no requirement that you be available the same amount of time every week.
There is also no minimum or maximum amount of work that you can do. It is up to you whether you want to even work at all. AccuTran allows you to work with whatever other work at home programs you want to do. A non-disclosure agreement is required when working with AccuTran.

Where To Apply

Those who wish to apply to AccuTran Global’s transcription services, can check out their website for additional information and then follow the link to the application and testing materials. Remember to show your best traits in those documents to increase your chances of getting hired.


If you have questions about positions at AccuTran Global, you can send an email to: info@accutranglobal.com. It is important to note emails must have the subject line Contractor Query in order to be answered. Contact must be through email only.

What are they saying around the web?

AccuTran was frequently mentioned in transcription forums and message boards, as well as blogs and work-at-home websites around the internet. In summary, based on our search and review of a sampling of the information available, we noticed that much of the general comments and a lot of the articles were outdated, but overall the information was positive and we found very little criticism or negative reviews/comments. “Easy to work with,” was a frequent comment.

Of note is that the references to what AccuTran pays has not changed since the older posts and articles, (circa 2007 or 2008), or it might have even slightly decreased, however this is, unfortunately, generally the case for the transcription industry.


• AccuTran provides transcription services with transcriptionists across North America. At the time of this writing, they are looking to hire people from Canada, but their website says that anyone from North America is welcome to apply.
• You will be considered a self-employed contractor for AccuTran. This means you are not an employee and as such have no benefits from the company. You also will have to file taxes differently than those who are employees or independent contractors and should consult with a tax professional for additional information. They do not provide 1099s or T4s.
• While experience is preferred, your transcription test is one of the most important determining factors on whether AccuTran thinks you are a viable candidate.
• Working as a transcriptionist can lead to various other contractor work within AccuTran, such as scoping, reviewing, editing and proofreading. They also offer occasional projects for those with specific skills, such as legal or medical transcription.

AccuTran General is a company with a long history of hiring at-home workers for transcription and other positions. Their online reputation is very good and they will consider transcribers without experience. If you are looking for transcription work, or any of the other available positions with AccuTran, they may be a good fit for you. For more information and how to apply, check out their website, AccuTranGlobal.com.

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Good luck in your search!