Do you like to write? Do you have great grammar and punctuation skills? Put those skills to use and earn some cash writing or proofreading.

Remember:  While we believe that all links and companies below are legitimate, you have the responsibility to do your due diligence and research any company you wish to apply to or work for or with.  Also, while these companies are believed to hire or contract with individuals who work at home, we cannot guarantee that they are hiring at this time or that they will provide an offer of employment or work.

The focus of this portion of the Directory of Companies that Hire At-Home Workers is sites and/or companies that hire writers, bloggers, etc., or offer freelance writing assignments.  For writers, bloggers, editors, proofreaders, freelance is the more common practice for earning an income with your talent.

Note:  We are always updating our list, so please check back often for updates. Guides and Topic Writers:   For the writers or thinking about being a writer – hires individuals to be “Guides,” which are people who have a regular blog, and “Topic Writers,” are even more specialized and are not responsible for moderating discussion or doing a weekly newsletter.  Also of note for anyone interested in creating video, there are also “Video Producers” that are hired as well.  Video producers are paid specifically for the project.  Guides and Topic Writers are compensated based on content, and there are incentives as well.  See their website for specific details for each of these positions, and also for their current list of topics with openings for Guides or Topic Writers.

Bazaarvoice:  Bazaarvoice is a company that connects their clients to the opinions, questions and experiences of their customers. Network analytics then help their clients provide more brand awareness, sales and loyalty.

At-Home Position: Content Analysts work remotely. They read and process user-generated content posted to their clients’ websites, such as product reviews and general comments, using a set of guidelines by which the content is processed and coded. This is a part-time job. Location requirements vary according to the open position. Some positions require native-level proficiency in languages other than English, as well as a professional working proficiency in English. These requirements are clearly posted on the open positions.

Training: Two-and-a-half-week paid training program. Hours are not flexible and you will be expected to commit to a fixed schedule of 16 hours and 4 of those hours must be on the weekend. You may also work extra flex time hours up to an additional 13 hours.

Some of the requirements include a Bachelor’s degree or foreign equivalent, authorization to work in the US, location and languages as indicated the job post and computer/web/Microsoft Office proficiency. You must have a computer with up-to-date software and Chrome. Click Here to explore open positions with Bazaar Voice. Remote/home positions are indicated on the list of open positions.

Blog To Profit:  Paid to write blog articles, and you must have a blog over two months old and must post original content at least twice a week.  Details on the site regarding how to submit your site for review.  You can also have ads on your blog site as well.

Blogsvertise:  Paid to write blog articles, as well as have ads on your blog site.  You can submit your site for review, and once approved, you will be sent requests for articles to be written (almost always product/website reviews) and you have five days to complete the assignment, it must be a permanent article on your blog, and must have links included.  Details are on the Blogsvertise site, very easy to read and very clear on what they are expecting.

Boost CTR:  Write copy for Google ads.  Writers are called Boosters, and you will be required to submit an application and take an admission test, there may also be a brief interview.  There is no charge to join.  Being an Adwords/Adcenter professional will help, but is not necessary.  Pay is listed at “a lot” of earning potential, however, nothing specific is provided on the website.  Review the FAQ’s for writers for complete details.

Contentmart:  A content marketplace that serves as a platform to bridge the gap between professional wordsmiths and clients, from around the globe. Contentmart has categorically presented the list of client requirements (orders) and content professionals (content supply). The platform is completely user-friendly and depicts a structured navigation system for the both the sides involved (clients and writers). They offer content services for various domains and languages. Both clients and writers, cater and serve globally. Whether it is a blog/article, technical writing, website content, news copy, corporate profile, speeches and many more to name from the writing forms. Check out the website for more details.

Creative Weblogging:  This site hires freelance writers for blog content based on the needs of their customers.  They have a list of the areas of interest that they usually need content for, although not much information is provided on the site, you can use the contact us page for more information if you would like to apply with them.

CyberEdit (ResumeEdge, EssayEdge, WritingLabEdge):  CyberEdit contracts with freelance writers and editors for essay editing and resume writing and editing.  As an essay editor, you will be expected to provide comprehensive proofreading services, assist customers by brainstorming and developing ideas, and assist customers with production of polished, original essays.  The work is all done via the internet.  As a writer/editor for resumes, you help to write and edit resumes and cover letters using existing resumes and cover letters and any additional information available.  Successful freelance resume writers have a strong marketing and/or technical writing background and experience with editing and writing resumes and cover letters.  Copywriting experience is a plus, and Certified Professional Resume Writers (CPRW) and Nationally Certified Resume Writers (NCRW) are preferred.  You must have be an expert in Word for all positions and have your own computer and internet connection.

Pay is provided upon completion of the assignments.  Of note:  Editors and writers who are available to receive jobs on the weekends are preferred.  In order to apply, from the link provided, scroll all the way to the very bottom of the page, click on the link that states “Jobs” and from there, the available positions and details are provided, as well as a link to the specific job applications.  See their website for additional details.

Edit Fast:  Edit Fast offers editors a chance to create a profile for their website, and receive freelance editing projects from their clients.  Edit Fast keeps 40% of the fee charged to the client, and then editors are paid their 60% share through PayPal.  There are strict restrictions regarding providing any of your private information to the clients, or communicating with them directly.  Requirements include a college degree, word processing software, past editing/proofreading experience, internet connection and being internet savvy.  Not required but helpful is professional editing experience, courses in proofreading/editing, a degree in English, experience with editing documents that have been translated by non-native speakers, specialized knowledge for specific fields of writing such as medical or technical (see their website for complete list of specialties).  To start the process of registering, from the link provided, look for the tab at the top middle of the screen that says “Join Us” and from the dropdown box, click on “editor.”   Complete details are provided, as well as a link to begin the process of setting up your profile.

Helium:  Per Helium website:  “Helium is home to writers who benefit from the valuable insight and support of our vast editorial community. Find your audience and earn money by publishing your knowledge-based articles on Build your writing portfolio and hone your skills while you share your voice with the millions of visitors to the site.”  At Helium, you can choose your own topics or claim opportunities from the assignments dashboard.  You can earn money through incentive payments, exclusive assignments, and performance bonuses based on the traffic your work receives.  You can apply for writer credentials and be identified as a subject matter expert.  You can also earn through assigned work with some of the publishing partners.  See their website for complete details.

Hubstaff:  Hubstaff offers software to assist businesses manage their virtual teams, through time tracking software with screenshots, app and internet monitoring and automated payroll system. Hubstaff’s staff works remotely and if you are interested in working directly for Hubstaff, they hire for positions in the fields of marketing, content writing, software development, PR, and customer support and QA. You can view available positions Here.

Hubstaff Talent is a directory of freelancers and agencies. There is no fees to use Hubstaff Talent. Companies or business owners can search through the profiles to find the talent they need for their business or team, and they can also post an available job opening. If you would like to list yourself as a freelancer on Hubstaff Talent or browse the jobs that have been posted, you can read more about it and complete a profile Here.

iWriter:  iWriter is a site where writers of articles, typically short articles such as a blog post, can connect with people who need articles written (often for content for their blog or website).  Registration is free, once you register and log in, you will be taken to your account/profile page, and there is a tutorial available for people who are interested in being a writer, which is a good video to watch.  Payments are made via Paypal, so make sure you have a valid Paypal account in order to receive pay for your work.  Blog post/article writing does not pay much per post, average pay on iWriter is going to be net to you $1.62 for a 300 word article, $2.43 for a 500 word article and $4.05 for a 700 word article, (it can be more depending on your status and whether you were a special request of that client), so being able to write quality posts quickly is going to be a definite plus for those looking to do this as a job.  Read the FAQ’s and other information available on the website for complete details.

Jobs.ProBlogger:  A website that lists ads for people looking for writers for blogs.  At MyEssays, they buy and sell college/university essays.  Per their page for selling essays, they encourage college students who have essays they have already turned in and received a grade and credit for, to sell those essays on their website.  The minimum amount to sell an essay for is $15, and it goes up from there, depending on the size, topic, etc.  MyEssays takes 50% of the purchase price, and once an account accumulates $50, payment is then made to the seller via PayPal.

Editor’s Note:  I did not want to leave out a site that could bring someone some much-needed income,  however, as a editorial opinion as a parent ….buying essays to turn in for an assignment instead of doing your own work?  Really?  With the cost you are paying for that college education, don’t you want to get your money’s worth out of that and actually learn the material?  Just a thought.

OnPoint@Home:  OnPoint@Home is a division of OnPoint Advocvacy, which hires freelance communication professionals for project-based work assignments, which are focused on current issues.  They use the freelancers to “execute issue-based communications that are designed to facilitate awareness of and action on important legislative and regulatory efforts.”  Freelancers hired are either telephone based, making outbound calls from home – no sales and no fundraising involved—and paid per hour.  Also hired are writers and designers, also focusing on “fostering grass roots level advocacy on bipartisan issues.”  See their website for complete information on the various positions and to determine whether applications are being accepted.  For writers and designers, there is limited information, however, there is an email address to submit applications and express interest.

PayPerPost:  PayPerPost lets you pick your advertisers, name your own price and negotiate your own deals. You can get paid to blog on virtually any subject.

PulsepointCreate:  Get paid for contributing written blogs, articles, reports, etc.  Pay is based on a formula that is based on both content and popularity, among other things.  Check website for complete details on incentives.

Review Me:  Bloggers earn cash writing product reviews, and you can also have ads placed on your website as a way to earn money also.

Shvoong:  Write a review and submit it.  You are paid 10% of the revenue produced from the review.  You can promote your own reviews to help boost ratings and revenue.

Smashwords:  Smashwords is a site to self-publish your e-book, which in turn distributes it to other retailers, such as Apple, Sony Reader Store, Barnes & Noble, and more.

Sponsored Reviews:  Bloggers earn cash writing product reviews.  You can list your blog as available and advertisers may contact you, or you can look through the list of advertisers who are requesting a specific product review and you can submit a request to do that review, as well as your price for it.  There are very specific terms regarding your blog and the post you will write, make sure to read those over carefully.  Writerfind is a service for professional writers and editors, who compile a profile and are listed with Writerfind for customers who can search the website or be matched up for a job through the submission of projects, and Writerfind also does it’s own itself, searching other sites for freelance jobs, as well as contacting professionals and businesses who frequently use freelance writers to keep them informed of this service.  Writerfindis not free – it has an annual fee of $99 at the time of this writing.  Check their website for complete details of what their service offers for your membership fee.