Are you proficient in more than one language? Check out the companies listed below to see if you can earn money as a translator.

While we believe that all links and companies below are legitimate, you have the responsibility to do your due diligence and research any company you wish to apply to or work for or with.  Also, while these companies are believed to hire or contract with individuals who work at home, we cannot guarantee that they are hiring at this time or that they will provide an offer of employment or work.

Note:  We are constantly updating our list, so please check back often for updates.

1-800-TranslateA foreign translation company located in New York City, they do hire freelancers.  Per the 1-800-Translate website:  “Send your information. We are always on the look-out for top-notch professional translators with specialist skills and plenty of experience. College degree and ability to follow instructions in English are absolute musts. But it you are just getting started out, we have programs to help you get qualified and hone your skills.”

Academic Word:  Academic Word hires editors and translators with experience in academic writing.  Complete the brief application form on their website to express interest.

Accurapid – The Language Service:  Accurapid hires independent contractors, keeping information on file and then contacting when an assignment is available.  Please read their policy on hiring and general work guidelines, and if you are interested in submitting your information, there is a link at the bottom of the Accurapid web page for the application form.  Although the application is a web form, please note their comment regarding never opening email attachments, so if you were to submit a resume via email, make sure to copy and paste your resume into the email directly as opposed to attaching it via email.

Babbletype:   Babbletype contracts with transcriptionists, proofreaders and translators. For their translation work, this description is from their website: “Babbletype is in the transcription business, so the type of translation work we need done may be slightly different from what you are used to. Our work always starts with an audio recording of people talking, and it’s our job to convert it into written transcripts. In your case, this means that instead of starting from a written document in one language and translating it into another, here you’ll start with an audio recording in one language, and then translate it directly into a written transcript in English.”  At the time of this writing, pay is $1.50 per audio minute. They have opportunities for Native and non-Native English transcription and proofreading, in addition to the translating. See the website for complete details and application process.

CPSL:  CPSL works with global, multilingual companies providing translation for corporate services.  They hire freelance translators, editors and proofreaders, and more.  Translation/interpreter freelancers do not require a degree; however, experience is required and you will need to provide reference letters or references who can be contacted from at least two clients.  The work is paid per source word and the amount is negotiable.  Reviewing work is either paid per source word or per hour.  See their website FAQ’s (on the menu on the left side of the screen) for complete details, and click on the link for “Freelance Resources and Partners” on that same menu for additional information and the application form for translators and interpreters.

Cipherion Translations:  Cipherion is located in Ireland, and provides translation and communication solutions in over 50 languages.  Their services include translation in legal, technical, corporate, marketing, document, and website.  The contact us link provided above has a standard form to request information, and there is an option to indicate you are interested in job opportunities.  No further information was provided on the website.

CyraCom International Inc.:  CyraCom accepts resumes for various languages for work at home interpreters and states they offer flexible schedules.  You can submit your resume to the email address provided on their website, or call their office for additional information.

Eriksen Translations:  Provide translation services for over 100 languages.  See their website to register, which will then provide you with additional information on being a freelancer with Ericksen.

Estudio Balda:  Estudio Balda is a translation service hiring experience freelance translators.  They require a minimum of 2 years freelance translation experience or 1 year in-house translation experience; however, they do accept applications from translators with relevant experience or qualifications.  See the link above for the form to complete, and submit with your CV/resume in a Word doc format.

Executive Linguist Agency, Inc.:   They hire experienced interpreters or translators for legal, medical, business, or high-tech communities.  Complete the form on their website along with your resume, or call their toll free number for more information.

GMR Transcription:  GMR hires translators and interpreters, as well as transcribers. US only, and applicants must be certified or trained. Set your own rates and pick and choose what assignment you take. Applications are taken through Google+ or Facebook, see their website for complete information.

ISO Translations:  Hires translators in all language combinations to work from home.  Must have a technical, legal, or medical background and very good knowledge of a foreign language.  You only translate into your own native language.  See website for details and for the email address to submit your CV and cover letter.

Language Translation, Inc.:  Very little information is included on their website regarding employment, however, there is a link with an email address to submit your contact information and CV/resume for consideration.

Lingo24:   Lingo24 hires experienced translators with an internationally recognized translator’s qualification, have at least five years experience, work exclusively into their native language, and provide at least three professional references.  They require high quality work, if you feel you are a good candidate for Lingo24, complete the form on their website for the translator recruitment form.

Morningside Translations:  From the Morningside website: “Morningside Translations is the fastest growing major language service provider in North America and one of the largest intellectual property translation companies in the world. Specializing in patent, life sciences, and legal translations where accuracy and subject matter expertise are paramount, Morningside provides ISO 9001 and 13485-certified translations into more than 150 languages and offers end-to-end technology-enabled translation, localization, and multimedia solutions. Morningside is the trusted partner to thousands of organizations including Fortune 500 companies, Am Law 200 firms, and international regulatory bodies. Headquartered in New York City, Morningside has offices across the globe in San Francisco, Hamburg, London, and Jerusalem.” To apply for a position as a freelance translator or vendor, click here.

Open World Translations:   Open World provides translation, localization, testing, interpretation, transcribing, desktop publishing, and project management services in over 50 languages for businesses, government agencies, research and development organizations, academic institutions, and nonprofit organizations.  Translators qualifications include translating only into your native language and holding a certificate or credentials in translation from a university or professional organization.  See the link above for complete list of qualifications and a description of the evaluation process, as well as the email address for submitting your resume.

REV:  REV has a large variety of languages that they provide both business and certified translation services. Review their website for details on the languages and services that they offer. To apply for translation services, the link is located on the Contact Us page, which then opens an application to complete.

Technovate Translations:  150+ languages, hiring translators and interpretors.  Check their toll free number to confirm telecommuting positions.  An application form is available on their website, for completion as well as submitting of a resume and a sample text for translation.

Telelanguage:  Telelanguage offers telephonic interpreter or call center operator services.  Check their careers page (which is the link we’ve included here) to determine what positions are available.  The positions indicating location of “United States” are remote positions.  See the link to apply on the open position description.

Tell Me More:   Occasionally has translator positions available as work from home.

The Word Point:  The Word Point is a translation service that provides human translation of documents, as well as certified translation, proofreading and localization.  They use general translators, editors and proofreaders. To apply, check out the Careers information on the About page, and if you’re interested in applying, you can submit an email through the Contact Us page on the website.

Ubiqus:  Ubiqus offers a variety of service to its clients, including transcription, translation, interpretation, and event services. From the link we have provided, translators and interpreters can apply by clicking on the appropriate job you are applying for and completing the application.

Welocalize:  Per the Welocalize website:  “Welocalize provides next-generation translation supply chain management that delivers market-ready, translated content—when and where you demand—at a higher output, a faster pace and an affordable price. We support organizations throughout the entire global content lifecycle, from authoring and product development, translation and quality assurance, to complete business process outsourcing and market validation.”  From the employment page, there are various links for freelance translation and also a link on the “career listings” for the positions they are hiring for directly.  Each job description will have a link to apply, and for the freelance consideration, there is a form to complete and submit.

WordExpress Corp.:   WordExpress hires professional associates as freelancers (independent contractors) as sales reps and sales managers, translators, interpreters, desktop publishers, and voice talents.  Check their website to determine their current openings, and for the email address to submit your resume.  Also note that the languages they are hiring for and other details as listed on their website as well, so check that information over before submitting your resume for consideration.