Many call centers today utilize at-home agents for customer service, sales and technical support.


While we believe that all links and companies below are legitimate, please do your due diligence and research any company you wish to apply to or work for or with.  Also, while these companies are believed to hire or contract with individuals who work at home, we cannot guarantee that they are hiring at this time or that they will provide an offer of employment or work.

1-800-Flowers Customer service and sales agents used generally on a temporary basis (some permanent) and for seasonal work.

  • Employment Status:  Employee
  • Location:  US – AZ, DE, FL, IL, MT, NH, NY, OH, OK, OR, TX

Accolade Support:  PC Desktop Support Agents.  They offer telecommuting, for those with technical skills to provide support for desktop troubleshooting, internet connectivity issues, etc. Please note that the link provided is through Flexjobs, which at the time of this writing, appears to be the way to apply for job openings for Accolade. Click Here for the main website for Accolade Support.

  • Location:  US

ACD Direct:  ACD Direct hires work at home agents primarily to take inbound calls for people calling in to make pledges for public radio and TV stations, occasionally other projects are available.  The bulk of their available hours to work is during pledge drives, although they do have a large list of clients, but there will be significant periods of time when there is no or very little available work.  There is no selling involved, hours are flexible.  This is a good company for someone who can work a lot of hours during a busy period (such as pledge drives) and understand you will also have occasional slow times without much work.

  • Employment Status:  Independent Contractor
  • Location:  :  All states in the Continental US only, except for the following which they do NOT hire:  Delaware, Massachusetts, Louisiana, West Virginia, Wyoming, Vermont and South Dakota.
  • Training:  Two training classes to attend, no charge for the training, no paid time for training
  • Average Pay:  .23-.35 per talk minute

Advanis Agents:   Market research firm with call center agents working from home as interviewers. Scroll down on the page to the Telephone Research Interviewer and then click on the “Learn More” for additional information and to apply. The company is located in Canada; however, their application indicates Canada, United States, Mexico and there is a place to fill in for other countries. Bilingual is preferred but not required.

  • Location:  Canada, US, Mexico and others

AdviseTech:  AdviseTech is looking for preferably college students or retirees who wish to devote 2-6 hours per week (to start) doing telemarketing.  Refer to their website for an email address to submit your resume and cover letter, as well as to ask for additional information.

Alorica: Alorica, formerly West At Home, is a third party call center company, providing at-home and on-site call center agents to service their clients’ communication needs. From their website: “From customer care and live chat, to email and incoming sales calls, our agents handle our clients most vital interaction—the interaction with the customer.”

  • Employee Status:  Employee
  • Cost or Fee:  Yes. Background check of $31.95
  • Training:  No charge for training and you will be paid for your time in training.
  • Flexible Schedule:  Yes. 10 hours per week minimum
  • Location: Not all states and even in some states, not all areas. While you do have to begin the application process in order to determine if they are hiring in your location, you will be told at the very beginning of that process whether or not they are hiring in your area.

Alpine Access:  Alpine Access is part of Sykes at Home. See the Sykes at Home listing for further information.

Amazon:      Customer service positions available for work at home agents. The link provided is for the Virtual Call Center Team Page, and will list job openings. You can also click on the “Find Jobs” link in the upper right corner for additional searching.

  • Employment Status:  Employee
  • Location:  US – Only Included States:  Arizona, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Kansas, Kentucky, Michigan, Minnesota, North Carolina, North Dakota, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Texas, West Virginia, Wisconsin, Virginia

American Express:  American Express has a large number of homebased workers, their website is definitely worth checking out.  College degreed will be a plus and preferred, but experience counts also, according to their job application, so don’t let a lack of degree keep you from applying.  To search for work at home jobs, from this link, type in either “work at home” or “virtual” in the first field that states “search for a job.” Both terms will turn up available positions.  The American Express application is somewhat lengthy, either allow sufficient time to complete it at one sitting or you can save it and come back and finish it later, but it’s a good idea to complete in one sitting.  They hire travel agents and also customer care reps, as well as other positions.  Check out their website, you can also be notified by email when new positions are added.

  • Employment Status:  Employed (mainly, some IC opportunities as well)
  • Location:  Varies, depending on the opportunity, the area is clearly marked in the job listing

Apple:  Apple has direct hires for one of their departments, Apple Care.  Apple Care agents provide tech support for Apple products.  To locate at-home positions, Of note is that Apple will provide an iMac for you to use.

  • Employment Status:  Employee
  • Location:  US – Must be within 100 miles of the city that is listed in the job description
  • Training:  Training is done in your home and is 4 weeks (full time)

Arise Virtual Solutions:   Arise works with a list of large, brand name, well known established companies and provides customer service, sales, and tech support via phone, online chat, and email interfaces.  Arise has a business model that requires a business-to-business agreement with all agents, which requires either 1) Forming a corporation and becomming a Independent Business Owner contracted directly with Arise; or 2) Join an existing Independent Business already contracted with Arise, which will eliminate the need for setting up your own business.  You can choose your own hours as they are available, available hours are not guaranteed, many clients offer a minimum hourly pay (but not all).

  • Employment Status:  Independent Contractor
  • Fees or Upfront Costs:  Yes.  If you join an existing independent business (IB) already contracted with Arise, initial costs will be approximately $25-350, monthly ongoing cost will vary, depending on the IB you join.  If you join Arise as a new independent business, approximately $175-450 plus costs to incorporate in your state; monthly ongoing cost to Arise of $40.
  • Location:  US, Canada, UK
  • Average Pay:  $10-14 per hour
  • Read the full, in-depth review of Arise Virtual Solutions Here.

ARO: ARO has opportunities for at-home call center agents in the fields of customer service, B2B sales, and life insurance.

  • Employment Status:  Employee
  • Cost or Fee:  No
  • Average Pay – $9-10 per hour
  • Location:  Within theUSand specific locations will vary depending on client criteria
  • Flexible Shifts:  No, set schedules
  • Training:  No cost for training; you are paid for training; and can last 3-8 hours per day for approximately 6-10 weeks

Asurion:  Asurion has call centers in the US and Canada, and also hires in some specific states for at-home customer service representatives.  Calls involve assisting customers with roadside assistance, or assisting with mobile device/handset protection.  Previous call center customer service or call center experience of one year in the last five years is required.  Other qualifications include HS diploma/GED, computer literacy, 25-35 wpm typing ability, and data entry skills.  Positions are either for English only, or you are if bilingual (Spanish), there are bilingual positions available as well.  See their website for applications and to request additional details. From the link provided, scroll through the list until you reach the jobs labeled Work at Home.

  • Employment Status:  Employee
  • Location:  AZ, CO, FL, GA, IN, KS, LA, MI, MS, MO, NE, NC, OK, SC, TN, TX, VA, WI, WY – check their site for specific openings and locations, there may be changes

Billing Services Group (BSG):  BSG is a company that uses at-home call center agents for live operator verification and third party verification services.  Live operator verification services confirms ordered services or products with their client’s customers, and is commonly used by cable companies, telephone companies, wireless providers, internet providers, etc.   The other verification job they offer is for those who are bilingual, they have a large list of languages that they are looking for so check their website for details on the specific language.  Third party verification agents listen to calls in the language that they are fluent in to confirm that there was no fraud or possibly unethical sales tactics, such as the customer being confused, etc.  The website has two separate applications, depending on the position you are applying for.

  • Employment Status:  Independent Contractor
  • Location:  US (must be a US citizen also)
  • Costs or Fees:  No
  • Training:  Training is 3-4 days, no cost for the training and you are not paid for your time in training.
  • Average Pay:  $8.50 per hour for the live operator position; third party verification are paid per recorded call listened to (amount per recording was not provided)

CCI –Call Center International:  CCI is a third-party call center company with clients in the telecom industry, that specializes in offering multilingual agents and the ability for its clients to reach potential customers in many different languages and a key feature they offer is that the agents speaking in those languages are familiar with the cultures of that particular community.  Their at-home call center positions are sales agents, selling marketed services, with compensation on a commission basis.  Per the CCI website, the average earnings are $20-30 per every active sale.  There is no up-front fee mentioned on their website, or charge for training.  Sales training classes and e-learning and communication software is provided to provide additional training, coaching, and company news.  Of note:  It is indicated that “Calling lists to help you get started in making contacts.”  I would recommend that you carefully research with CCI how contacts and leads are provided, not just at the beginning, but on a regular basis.  If you are interested in applying with CCI, their website has clear links to follow, and it will indicate what languages they are currently hiring for.

Century Link:  Century Link hires call center agents for sales and customer service for existing or potential customers for telephone service.  You must live within their service area and also must have Century Link phone and internet service.  They also require 2 years of customer service/data entry experience.

  • Employment Status:  Employee (Temporary full time, with the possibility of moving to permanent full time)
  • Location:  US, within the following states (and within the Century Link phone area):  FL, IN, KS, MN, MO, NC, NE, NJ, NV, OH, OR, PA, SC, TN, TX, VA, WA and WY
  • Cost or Fee:  No

Cloud10:  Cloud 10 Company is now Transcom. See the entry below for Transcom for additional details.

Convergys:   Convergys is a global, third-party customer management center with offices all over the world. Work at home positions typically are sales, customer service, and support agents. Training is paid and there is an opportunity for some benefits. This link is to the US careers page and to change the location, hover over the careers tab at the top of the page for the option to change locations.

  • Employment Status:  Employee, Full (40 hours per week) and Part-Time (25-30 hours per week)
  • Location:  48 U.S. contiguous states and Canada for work at home
  • Cost or Fee:  No

ContractXChange:   A Canadian third-party virtual call center company, with a large number of clients, offering customer service and sales work-at-home opportunities.  Many of the client opportunities require bilingual (English/French)  Not all clients are open to all locations.  You need to become a member in order to get specific information; however, this does not cost anything to innitially sign up and just requires only basic information.

  • Employment status:  Independent Contractor
  • Fees or Upfront Costs:  Yes.  $75 + tax (Canadian) initially, and costs for training for each client, generally $149-350 (Canadian), possible additional fees as well
  • Location:  Canada, US, UK, Dominica is a cruise specialty company in the travel industry. They have on-site positions, as well as home-based agents for sales, customer service, and support positions. Experience is required, refer to the job description for details. To be considered, copy and paste your resume in an email to indicating your job objective. If you are applying for one of the home-based career opportunities, please detail your recent cruise industry experience in your email or on your resume. Without this information, consideration for an interview will not be given.

Training is web-based and accessed from your home office via your internet provider (no travel required). Only candidates whose initial resumes or job applications reflect recent (or within past two years) cruise industry experience will be considered. Phone interviews will be scheduled based on an analysis of the candidates’ qualifications for the position. Training is paid, and all positions offer a base salary plus an incentive plan and an attractive employee benefits package including eligibility for travel agent benefits through IATAN membership.

  • Location:  US, all states except for CA and HI
  • Employment Status:  Employee
  • Training:  Paid, 4 weeks, Mon-Fri, 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. EST

Denihan Hospitality Group:  Customer service homebased jobs in the New York area only for this group of hotels.  Training is done at the NY facility. Check their open positions for availability.

  • Employment Status:  Employee
  • Location:  US:  New York area only

Enterprise Holdings:  Commonly known as Enterprise Rental Cars.  To locate jobs that are hiring for work at home, from this link provided, scroll down to where it states, “Find Your Fit,” and then click on the “Work From Home” icon, and then the “Customer Service” icon (or whichever is applicable to you). From that page, again scroll down to the Work From Home section and you can review the options. From there you will be able to view available positions, and the Work From Home jobs are clearly labeled, as well as for what area. Per their website, the customer service agents responsibility is described as follows:  “In our Contact Centers, you’ll help customers and have fun in the process. While handling calls, emails, and inquiries from our customers, you’ll enhance our customers’ rental experience. This could include anything from reservation sales and providing roadside assistance, to finding a replacement car for one of our insurance customers.”

  • Employment Status:  Employee
  • Location:  US and Canada, specific areas as defined in the job posting on their website
  • Cost or Fee:  No
  • Schedule Information:  Job is full time, must be able to work afternoons and evenings, and both weekend days (Saturday and Sunday)
  • Training:  4 weeks of virtual training, your time in training will be paid time
  • Average Pay:  Currently $12.50 per hour with opportunity for bonus

GE Retail Services:  GE/Synchrony Financial hires at-home workers for customer service assisting customers with credit application questions, provide credit decisions and other credit customer service support.  The jobs are very specific to location, review the website to determine if there is a work-at-home position available in your area.  From the link provided, look for “Search Jobs.” Under the search feature, type “customer service remote” for call center positions, or just “remote” for all remote positions available. Once you click on an opening, the job description provides complete details. Note that not all call center positions are remote, some are temporarily remote, and may eventually require you to return to working in an office.

  • Employment Status:  Employee
  • Location:  US and Canada (see website for specific locations)
  • Cost or Fees:  No

Hilton At Home Work:  Hilton hires reservation and customer care agents to work from home. From the link provided, scroll down and click on “Learn More about Work at Home,” which will provide FAQs, and from there you can click on either the customer service job search or the reservation sales job search option. When you are searching for job openings, there is a list of categories on the left side of the page, and you can click on the box indicating “Work at Home” and it will filter the jobs to only those from working at home. Experience is required, see the job description for details.

  • Employment Status:  Employee
  • Location:  US: Alabama, Arizona, Arkansas, Colorado, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Idaho, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Michigan, Mississippi, Missouri, Nebraska, New Hampshire, New Mexico, North Carolina, Ohio, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Virginia, Wisconsin, Wyoming.
  • Cost or Fee:  No
  • Schedule:  Full-time and part-time is available, the job will state the specific time of day that is needed (such as mid-day) and your hours would need to be scheduled in that timeframe.  Schedule would include working weekends and holidays.
  • Training:  6 weeks virtual training, average of 5.5 hours per day, and is paid.
  • Average Pay:  $9.00 per hour plus incentives

HSN:  HSN hires sales/customer service agents who work from home.  Limited to specific locations, which is clearly indicated in the opportunities available.  From the link provided, scroll down and click on the “Customer Care Jobs” option and then the job listings will be listed, with the location information clearly listed, as well as whether it is a full-time or part-time position. Click on the position and additional information will be provided. Experience in previous sales or customer service is required.

  • Employee Status:  Employee, Full-time and part-time available, and is indicated in the job opening
  • Location:  US, FL, TN, OH and other states as indicated on the job opening information
  • Training:  Paid training
  • Average Pay:  $10 per hour for customer service/sales reps

J. Lodge:  J. Lodge has work at home positions for people with disabilities and (prefers) college educated.  They only hire through VRC’s, Vocational Rehabilitation Counselors, so if you are working with a VRC, you can contact them to assist with applying, if you do not have a VRC, you can check with your state agency regarding locating a VRC to work with in your area and apply.

Jet Blue:  Jet Blue hires home workers for reservation agent positions.  From the link provided, there is detailed information regarding the application and hiring process. At the time of this writing, customer support call center workers are able to work from home once completing training, which is located in either Salt Lake City, Utah or Orlando, Florida.

  • Employment Status:  Employee
  • Location:  Salt Lake City, UT or Orlando, FL

Kelly Work At Home Services:  Kelly Work At Home hires customer service representatives to work from home and the link provided offers a lot of information regarding the application process. There are FAQs, a list of requirements, as well as a list of the employee benefits that they offer as well. You will work from home, however, you will need to complete paperwork at a local Kelly office.

  • Employment status:  Employee
  • Fees or Upfront Costs:  No

LiveOps:  LiveOps is a technology company with a call center platform and has over 20,000 independent agents with companies all over the world.  LiveOps has the following types of independent agents:  Sales (Incoming), Bilingual, Licensed Insurance Agent, Healthcare, Outbound Sales Agent, and Roadside Assistance.  You can choose your own hours so there is a lot of schedule flexibility; however, there is no guarantee of receiving calls while servicing; no minimum hourly pay.

  • Employment status:  Independent Contractor
  • Fees or Upfront Costs:  Yes (Minimal for a background and credit check)
  • Average Pay:  $10-15 per hour (this can vary, depending on the agent type)
  • Read Full Review of LiveOps Here

MicahTek:  “MicahTek, Inc. is known globally as a full turn-key service center that provides a broad spectrum of information management and distribution services. Call Center- Live Agents, IVR – Interactive Voice Recognition, Website Design and Development, Registration and Events, Database Management and Hosting, and Product Fulfillment and Warehousing.”  MicahTek has on-site employment opportunities in a call center/data entry capacity, and also offers at-home positions as an independent contractor for inbound call center agents for Oklahoma residents only.  You will need to have a phone landline with no additional features such as call forwarding, voice mail, etc., headset, high speed internet (DSL or cable), and a computer that meets their minimum requirements.  See the at-home worker FAQ’s for complete details.

  • Employee Status:      Independent Contractor
  • Location:                   Open only to residents ofOklahoma
  • Fee:                           None
  • Flexible Hours:          Yes.
  • Training:                    On site at MicahTek, there is no charge for the training and you would be paid for any calls that you take at a per-minute rate.
  • Pay:                           Pay is per minute at the current rate, for each completed call.

NEW Corp.:  From the NEW Corp. website:  “As a Home-Based CCR, you help customers from the comforts of your home—answering their questions, troubleshooting problems with their product and arranging service or replacement as needed. It’s a fulfilling job that gives you a variety of schedules, hourly pay and the opportunity to work from home.”  One year of experience in sales, customer service, or call center is required.

  • Employment Status:  Employee
  • Flexible Hours:  Yes, part-time and full-time is available; evenings and weekends are required
  • Training:  You are paid while in training
  • Location:  US

The Newton Group:  The Newton Group hires skilled and experienced sales professionals only.  If you are looking for a sales position, refer to the website for specific requirements.

NexRep:  NexRep is a third-party call center company which hires customer service, sales and tech support agents in a virtual, 24/7 setting for their clients, working inbound and outbound calls, as well as email.

  • Employment Status:  Independent Contractor
  • Location:  US
  • Fee:  Background Check – $25
  • Pay:  $10-15 per hour, which can vary depending on type of agent and commission
  • Training:  Virtual, you are not paid for time in training, but you are paid for the calls you make during certification

Next Level Solutions:  Next Level Solutions is an outbound, telemarketing call center.  A telephone line and broadband internet connection is required.  Qualifications include at least one year of telephone sales/customer service experience, must be able to work 20+ hours per week, and have the ability to work in a fast-paced environment.

  • Employment Status:   Independent Contractor
  • Location:                    US based-company, any specific location requirements are unknown.
  • Fee:                            None

NTI – National Telecommuting Institute:   NTI is a US company, founded in 1995 by Dr. M.J. Willard as a nonprofit organization.  NTI’s mission is to identify and develop work at home jobs for physically disabled Americans.  NTI provides contact center, call center, and medical transcription services to government agencies, Fortune 500 companies, and small businesses, including the IRS, AAA, Veteran’s Administration, Meijer, and others.  Customer service, sales, tech support call center positions, as well as medical transcription are available.  Review their website for full information, as well as the criteria for disability requirements.

  • Employment Status:  Employee
  • Flexible Schedule:  Only with a few of their clients, most will be a company-provided schedule
  • Location:  Within the US and some of their clients may have other specific state or location requirements
  • Costs or Fees:  No.  As with most virtual call center positions, there will be some equipment requirements that may require a purchase if you do not currently have the minimum requirements.
  • Pay:  Average is $8-10 per hour
  • Training:  No fee for training.  Time in training is not paid.  Length of training is typically 1-8 weeks, in a virtual classroom with an instructor.
  • Read full company profile of NTI here.
  • Sedgwick CMS:  “Sedgwick Claims Management Services, Inc. (Sedgwick CMS) is the leader in innovative claims and productivity management solutions to major employers. Sedgwick CMS provides cost-effective claims administration, managed care, program management and related services through the expertise of nearly 10,000 in more than one hundred and fifty offices and service locations in theU.S.andCanada.”  Sedgwick hires at-home workers for call center service center assistants, with responsibilities including customer service representative assisting customers locate the correct contact person, to ensure correct case assignment, and expedite the claims application process.

In order to view the at-home positions, from the link provided above, which is the Career section, on the Job Category drop down menu, choose Contact Center, then scroll down for “view jobs”.  Details are provided for the jobs and the application process can be started on each job description page.

  • Employment Status:   Unknown
  • Location:                    Company is based in the US and Canada, and list positions in other countries; however, it is unknown if there are other specific location requirements for at-home workers.

Service800:  Home agents with Service800 conduct interviews with customers who have recently had a service experience.  Previous customer service experience is required.  “If after the application process you are a qualified individual, you will be required to pass a reading comprehension evaluation and a scripting session with a facilitator.  South America, Europe and Asia applicants must be fluent in English (reading and writing) and candidates will be required to pass a native and English language evaluation.  Candidates will also be required to pass personal credit and criminal background checks to be eligible for employment.”   In North American, you are expected to work 30-40 hours per week on consecutive days during normal business hours.  In South America, Europe and Asia, you are required to work 20 hours per week during normal business hours.

  • Employment Status:  Employee
  • Location:                    US (States of FL, MN, TX, WI only), South America, Europe, Asia
  • Equipment Required: Dedicated phone landline, personal computer, Microsoft Office, high speed internet, headset (See website for complete details on requirements)

Sitel:  Sitel is a third-party vendor that supplies call center services offering customer service support to large companies.  Sitel has over 57,000 associates across 26 countries throughout North and South America, Europe, Africa, Asia Pacific and the Middle East.  There is a credit check, background check, and drug screen, although all paid for by Sitel.  Agents take inbound customer service calls. Calls may involve billing inquiries, account or product inquiries, product or service orders, installation scheduling or technical product trouble shooting.  You have no choice in which company you service, you will be placed with the company that Sitel feels is best suited for you.  Work is part time and full time, no mention was made on their website if their hours are flexible, but the assumption would be that it is a set schedule.

  • Employment Status:  Employee
  • Cost or Fees:  No – Although their website states that you will have to purchase a Sitel-approved headset once hired
  • Location:  In the US, in the following states:   AL, AZ, CO, CT, DE, FL, GA, ID, IL, IA, KS, KY, LA, ME, MI, MN, MS, MO, NE, NV, NJ, NM, NY, NC, OK, PA, SC, SD, TN, TX, UT, VA, WA, WI
  • Training:  3-6 weeks, 40 hours per week (even if you are going to be part time), paid training.

Sutherland Global Services:   Sutherland Global services is a multinational company providing outsourcing customer contact services for their customers.  A company formed in 1986, they added their virtual workplace, known as Sutherland@Home in 2007.  Their website indicates that employee flexibility is key to them and they do state flexible schedules are available.  Most positions are part time and are sales, customer service, and tech support.  They also have back office associate positions from home which are data entry or transaction processing work, as well as managerial positions.  They have offices international offices, and the open job details will list any location requirements. A background check will be required, although it is not indicated whether there is a charge for this, and some clients may also require a credit check, which you would be advised of in advance.

  • Employment Status:  Employee
  • Cost or Fee:  No
  • Training:  No charge for training, time while in training is paid.
  • Schedule:  Website states flexible schedule, but no specifics are provided, mostly part time hours available
  • Read the full company profile of Sutherland Here.

Sykes:  Sykes is a third-party call center company hiring at-home agents for customer service and support.  According to their website:  “Uniquely different from traditional contact center solutions, SYKES Home is looking for a more experienced and mature work at home agent to deliver service for our industry leading client companies.” On the Careers page, scroll down and click on the country where you want to apply. At this time, it is our understanding that Sykes only has work-at-home opportunities in Canada and the US. Once you have selected the appropriate country, then click on the “Work at Home” icon for additional information.

  • Employment Status:  Employee
  • Location:  US and Canada
  • Cost or Fee:  No
  • Training:  Paid time for training,
  • Schedule:  Part time hours, flexible schedule, hours are not guaranteed

Talk2Rep:  Talk2Rep is a third party call center company, utilizing at-home workers for chat sales agents, possibly phone as well, however, I have not seen a work at home phone agent position available at Talk2Rep.  Little information is provided on their web-site; however, it is clear that the position for the chat agent is for sales and there is clear instructions to follow if you are interested in applying.  According to their website, prior experience in sales or as a chat agent is a plus, but not required. From the link provided, click on the orange “Apply Now” button.

TeleReach:  TeleReach is business-to-business outbound sales calls, cold calling from your home.  They hire people who are experienced in business-to-business cold calling, teleprospecting, outside sales, or appointment setting, and provide the lists, scripts, and other training and tools for you.  TeleReach prefers individuals who are seeking long-term employment and as it typically takes about three months to become fully trained, so prefer those individuals who are professional and serious about a true work commitment.  You must have a landline telephone with unlimited nationwide long distance, high speed internet, MS Word and Excel, and a standalone fax machine is recommended.  There will be ongoing, regular meetings to attend.  TeleReach works with many clients, so you will be working with different products and industries, which they believe is also an asset for more opportunities for each agent, but also to add variety to the position.

  • Employee Status:  Independent Contractor
  • Location:  Must be in the US, and NOT in the following states:  CA, CT, DE, FL, HI, MA, MD, MT, NH, NV, PA, or WA.
  • Pay:  $12-28 per hour is average, the pay is performance-based
  • Fee:  None
  • Flexible Hours:  Yes – although hours will be within typical business hours as this position involves contacting businesses
  • Training:  No charge for training.  Paid time while in training.

TeleTech:  TeleTech is a third party call center company handling clients from all over the world.  TeleTech hires in the US, however, check the job descriptions of available positions for specific location requirements.  It was mentioned that there would be a background check and drug screen, and at no cost to the applicant, but will need to travel to the lab for the drug screen and travel would not be reimbursed.

  • Employment Status:  Employee
  • Cost or Fee:  No
  • Training:  No fee for training, however, their website did not state whether you would be paid for training, the time of training is listed as “a few days to a few weeks” depending on the client you are assigned to service.
  • Flexible Schedule:  No.  You provide available hours during recruiting process and once schedules are set, they will typically remain consistent.  Only part-time work available, minimum of 20 hours per week, and it did state you should be prepared to work a 4-6 hour shift.
  • Location:  US, specific locations within the US are listed in the job description

Time Communications:  Time Communications is an answering service, utilizing at-home agents in specific locations for assisting in answering service/customer service roles for their clients.

  • Location:  Home based in Minnesota and Wisconsin – see site for specific details
  • Flexible Schedule:  Yes
  • Average Pay:  $8-12 per hour

Transcom:  Transcom, (and the company formerly known as Cloud 10) is a large, global outsourced service provider, handling customer contacts in 33 languages and for more than 350 clients. Requirements include the desire to work in a virtual environment and high quality customer service skills, previous customer service experience. From the link provided that includes information on the company, click then on the “Agent Positions North America and Asia” for additional information and the next steps for completing the application. Make sure to choose “Home Agent” in the dropdown box for selecting a site. Of note is the application process is listed at taking 35-45 minutes to complete and there is a phone audition included.

  • Employment Status:  Employee, full and part-time
  • US and Canada for at-home work, check the website for other open positions
  • Training:  Virtual classroom attended from home, paid training

U-Haul:  U-Haul hires at-home workers for sales and customer service reservation agents. Six months of customer service/sales experience is required. See the job description for the available positions for the hours that are available and specific requirements.

  • Employment Status:  Employee
  • Location:  Anywhere in North America
  • Training:  4 weeks, Online class and self-paced courses, paid training
  • Flexible Schedule:  Yes

Ver-A-Fast:   Ver-A-Fast offer work at home opportunities for customer service representatives, who make calls (outbound versus inbound calls) for their newspaper clients.  Often it is to check on the customer’s service and report back to their client.  There is a sample script provided on the website of a typical call, which is you can review to know exactly what the calls will be like. From this link, click on “opportunities” for more information and to complete the application.

  • Employment Status:  Independent Contractor
  • Cost or Fee:  No
  • Location:  US
  • Flexible Schedule:  Yes, evenings and weekends

VIP Desk:  VIP Desk and Aspire Lifestyles is a third party call center company, offering virtual call center services to their well known, brand name clients.  Opportunities vary with client needs, check website for available openings.  Generally, agents will service as customer service/sales agents, assisting customers with new purchases or purchase decisions via phone, chat, and email, depending on the client.  Background check and credit check are required. From this link, click on the “Apply Now” button to check for openings and begin the application process.

  • Employment Status:  Employee
  • Location:  US and limited locations in Canada. Check the website for the additional specific geographic requirements as they do not hire from all US states.
  • Training:  Paid for time in training, typically 2-5 weeks
  • Average Pay:  $10-12.00 per hour

West at Home:  West at Home is now Alorica. See the entry on this page for Alorica for further details.

Working Solutions:  Working Solutions is a third-party call center company with a variety of clients.  Agents are contracted for a specific project, when that project ends, they will need to post for another project, although they can work on more than one project at a time; available hours are not guaranteed; and projects can be an indefinite period of time.  One of their main opportunities are in the travel industry, and agents must be qualified travel agents, but they do have a variety of clients, see the website to determine current openings.

  • Employment Status:  Independent Contractor
  • Cost or Fee:  No
  • Location:  US
  • Flexible Hours:  Yes, part-time
  • Average Pay:  Per the Working Solutions FAQs – “Agents have earned the equivalent of anywhere from $9 an hour to $30 an hour, depending on the program. Your income will vary, based on the work you are doing, your performance, how much work is available, and how much time you put in.”
  • Read the full company profile of Working Solutions Here.