Additional companies that hire or contract with at-home workers.

Remember:  While we believe that all links and companies below are legitimate, you have the responsibility to do your due diligence and research any company you wish to apply to or work for or with.  Also, while these companies are believed to hire or contract with individuals who work at home, we cannot guarantee that they are hiring at this time or that they will provide an offer of employment or work.

Click on the links for the specific categories or industries listed below; and the remainder of this page is companies that do not fit into those particular specific category or industry.

This page may contain affiliate links from trusted sources, which means that if you click on an affiliate link, Work at Home Resource Guide may receive compensation. Guides and Topic Writers – For the writers or thinking about being a writer – hires individuals to be “Guides,” which are people who have a regular blog, and “Topic Writers,” are even more specialized and are not responsible for moderating discussion or doing a weekly newsletter.  Also of note for anyone interested in creating video, there are also “Video Producers” that are hired as well.  Video producers are paid specifically for the project.  Guides and Topic Writers are compensated based on content, and there are incentives as well.  See their website for specific details for each of these positions, and also for their current list of topics with openings for Guides or Topic Writers.

Admissions Consultants:   Experienced school admissions consultants can apply to work from their home, with flexible hours.  Must have a background in school admissions.

Amazon Mechanical Turk:   Workers make money by working on HITs, Human Intelligence Tasks, which are posted by individuals or companies who have posted assignments.  You can search for a task at any time, some typical HITs are reviewing photographs, locating email addresses, translating paragraph or short sentences, choosing appropriate categories for products, comparing two products, obtaining URL’s.  You can complete qualifications in order to qualify for additional and different types of HITs.  To register as a worker, if you have an existing Amazon account, you can use that, otherwise you would need to create one.  You will then be asked to create an Amazon payments account (if you don’t already have one), in order to be paid to your bank account or through gift certificates.  Be prepared to provide your SSN or an EIN, after all, this is income you are receiving.  You will need to verify your email address also, so don’t forget to complete that step.  Once you have an Amazon payments account (very similiar to Paypal) you can add a bank account, or you can add a mobile phone number for mobile shopping or payments.  There is also the option to use your pay for purchases on and at other websites as well.  Of note:  This is very low paying, but for those who are quick at reviewing websites and making quick choices, it is something that you can log into at any time and earn a few bucks that could add up to pay a bill or go toward something you want to purchase on Amazon, etc.

America’s Remote Help Desk:  ARHD provides outsourced IT help desk services to their customers, either complimenting the existing IT department or providing complete IT support.  They also have a division specializing in IT support needs for the legal industry, called The Lawyers Help Desk, which has its own site and career opportunities.  Both companies hire at-home IT specialists for their help desk positions.  Check the available job listings, which will indicate any location requirements and other details.

American Express:  American Express hires multiple types of jobs to work at home, customer service agents and travel agents, as well as others.  In the job search, use “work at home,” “virtual,” or “telecommute” to locate jobs that are available for work at home, not all of them are call center agents and the jobs do vary.  You can also sign up on their website when you complete your initial profile to be notified of new job listings as well.  Of note:  The job application process does take some time, so allow an hour or more to log in and complete the process.

Aria:  20 hours of on-site training, and then you can work approximately 16-20 hours per week from home doing handwritten cards and other telemarketing material, mainly for non-profit organizations.  Location:  Only available to those in the St. Cloud, MN area.

Art Logic:   Software developers can work as independent contractors in a wide variety of areas, from iPhone/iPad apps to JavaScript, HTML, CSS, and more.

AT&T:   AT&T is considered one of the largest telecommuting companies (approximately 30% of its jobs can be telecommuter jobs), however, their website does not allow to search for which jobs can be done at home.  What is recommended is if there is a job you would like to consider applying for but want to work at home, contact AT&T directly to determine if it can be done via telecommuting.  Do go ahead and review available positions, as some positions will list specifically in the description that the job is for telecommuting.

Bateman & Co. Inc.:   Telecommuting staff accountants, CPA required.  Company prefers Texas residents, if possible.

Bazaarvoice:  Bazaarvoice is a company that connects their clients to the opinions, questions and experiences of their customers. Network analytics then help their clients provide more brand awareness, sales and loyalty.

At-Home Position: Content Analysts work remotely. They read and process user-generated content posted to their clients’ websites, such as product reviews and general comments, using a set of guidelines by which the content is processed and coded. This is a part-time job. Location requirements vary according to the open position. Some positions require native-level proficiency in languages other than English, as well as a professional working proficiency in English. These requirements are clearly posted on the open positions.

Training: Two-and-a-half-week paid training program. Hours are not flexible and you will be expected to commit to a fixed schedule of 16 hours and 4 of those hours must be on the weekend. You may also work extra flex time hours up to an additional 13 hours.

Some of the requirements include a Bachelor’s degree or foreign equivalent, authorization to work in the US, location and languages as indicated the job post and computer/web/Microsoft Office proficiency. You must have a computer with up-to-date software and Chrome. Click Here to explore open positions with Bazaar Voice. Remote/home positions are indicated on the list of open positions.

Bookminders:   Hires accountants with 4-year degrees and 5 or more years of accounting experience, most of the job is then done at home.  Location: Pittsburgh and Philadelphia Areas

Call Desk:  Call Desk offers customer contact services to its clients through a variety of formats.  Typical clients are in the travel and retail industries.  Positions with Call Desk includes:  Virtual Receptionists, Answering Service, Customer Care and Retention, Sales and Customer Acquisition, Order Processing, 24-hour Help Desk, Tech Support, Live Chat, Appointment Setting.  Not all positions will be work at home, refer to the job openings to determine if it is available to be an at-home agent position.  Not all positions are traditional call center positions, however, several of the job descriptions were heavy phone work and very similar of many typical call center jobs.  As an example:  At the time of this writing, there was a position open for a virtual receptionist that was a work at home position, and the location stated was “within the continental US.”

Of note:  Read over the job descriptions carefully, as well as the information being provided to the potential clients, not just job applicants, for a good picture of what you might expect as a job responsibility.  For example, the virtual receptionist position stated in the features, “B2B telemarketing and appointment setting services,” and “Sell your products or services.”  So while you may like the idea of being a receptionist and greeting callers, taking messages, etc., you could end up with a basic telemarketing job.  It was not stated that this is a contract type of position, I would assume employee, but recommend confirming that with Call Desk if you apply for an available position.

Clickworker:   Clickworker pays for people to complete tasks that have been posted by their clients.  usually short, simple tasks but that need to be done by a human being as opposed to being automated.  Keep in mind that as with some of the other similar companies (Amazon Mechanical Turk, ChaCha, and others), while some people who are very fast at searching and completing the assignments might be able to make a little money from this in their spare time, the pay is notoriouisly extremely low.  However, if you enjoy surfing the web, tracking information down, etc., you might actually enjoy these tasks and can make a little extra money doing something for fun.  Directly from the Clickworker website:  “Clickworker gets tasks done that computers can’t process, won’t process, (because the cost of programming or equipment is too high) or those you can’t do because you don’t have enough human resources to complete the project on time and on budget.

Here are just a few examples:

  • Text Creation – writing or editing of simple texts, providing unique content, or search engine optimization
  • Translation and Keyword Assignment
  • Image Capturing and Categorization
  • Product Reviews and Opinion Polls
  • Web Research” is a registry of IT/computer technicians, matching up a customer’s request for computer technical support or repair with a qualified personal technician.  They provide services in the US and Canada.  Of note:  This is not work done at your home directly, however, your home would be your base and you provide the distance you are willing to travel and your work is done at the customer’s home or business.  To register, you complete a profile providing detailed information of your experience and qualifications, and advise how you wish to be contacted with a potential service call.  Please make sure to thoroughly review the Questions and Answers for complete details on this program, how it operates, how you get paid, etc.  Your profile will include what you are requiring for an hourly rate, however, states that they do negotiate the rate on your behalf.  Customers can be either residential or business/commercial, and is it possible to build a client base as well.

CPSL:  CPSL works with global, multilingual companies providing translation, proofreading & editing, transcription, and other services.  They hire freelance translators, editors and proofreaders, and more.  Translation/interpreter freelancers do not require a degree; however, experience is required and you will need to provide reference letters or references who can be contacted from at least two clients.  The work is paid per source word and the amount is negotiable.  Reviewing work is either paid per source word or per hour.  See their website for details. Of note:  It is not indicated whether all freelance positions require being bilingual, however, you can request additional information from CPSL regarding specifics for each freelance position.

Cymetrix:  Cymetrix is a “revenue cycle management company, providing healthcare organizations and hospital-affiliated physician practices with end-to-end revenue cycle outsourcing solutions.”

On the list of job locations, look for the selection that states “Remote/Home Office” and click on that to see the work at home jobs.   Cymetrix has medical coder positions, and other healthcare industry positions.  See their website for complete details and available positions.

eJury:  eJury is a service provided to attorneys to pre-try a case before it goes in front of an actual jury in a trial.  Typically a minimum of 50 people located in a (US) county selected by the attorney review the case information, then provide responses or feedback, which the attorney will then use to find strengths and weaknesses in their evidence, public attitude or opinion, settlement value, etc.  Individuals register to be a potential juror with eJury, and if a case becomes available in your county, you are notified via email that you are eligible to select that case.  Once you do, you review the facts and answer a list of questions and submit your verdict.  Once the minimum number of verdicts have been submitted, the case will no longer be available to review.

The time to review a case averages 35 minutes, however, may take you longer in the beginning.  The pay is $5-10, depending on the length of the case, and payment is made through Paypal.  Qualifications to register are the same as for jurors in a regular trial, and eJury has some additional qualifications, such as not be an actively practicing attorney, paralegal or legal assistant.  See their website for the complete list of qualifications.  Any resident in all 50 states of the US are eligible to register, and there is no fee or charge to register, you are not committed to anything, if you don’t wish to participate, you simply don’t go to the website.  The number of cases that become available will likely be more for those in a large metropolitan area versus rural areas.  eJury is not going to serve as a “job” but can provide some additional income, as they suggest on their website, perhaps pay for your monthly internet.  The link to sign up is included on their FAQ page, which is the link provided above.

FoneMed:  FoneMed provides medical advice and health information around the clock.  They provide nurse advice, remote patient monitoring and a list of other telemedicine services.  FoneMed hires registered nurses to provide telephone triage and health advice to callers acrossNorth Americausing computerized Schmitt/Thompson triage guidelines for assessing patients’ symptoms.  Most calls are from physician practices, who refer to FoneMed when they are closed, and so most of the calls are going to be evenings, nights, and weekends.  There is a list of qualifications in addition to being a registered nurse with at least three years of recent clinical experience, pediatrics and adult.  Please see their website for the complete list.  You would be expected to have a quiet office environment in which to take calls, and be available to work 2-3 weekends a month, one 4-hour block a week of unpaid on-call time (if called in, you would then be paid), and expected to attend regular phone staff meetings.  Compensation is based on a per-call rate, (amount was not stated on website) and benefits are offered of paid leave, pension plan/401K, access to company health insurance, disability insurance.

Fotolia:  Fotolia sells photos with little to no license restrictions for very low cost and for low cost you can buy the photo with no license restriction at all.  Anyone can upload and sell photos at Fotolia simply by creating an account.  From their website:  “By uploading your files to Fotolia, you are presenting your work to millions of image buyers around the world, 24/7. There are no registration or portfolio management fees, and you have the potential to earn thousands of dollars every month.”  For those into photography, Fotolia could be a way to earn some money from your hobby.

Geeks.Online:  Geeks.Online (formerly Geeks On Time) offers onsite computer service and remote technical assistance (service provided online) for residential customers and business/commercial.  They also have an IT helpdesk providing 24/7 over the phone service, and will schedule an onsite technician if necessary.  Geeks On Line accept applications through their website, although does not provide a list of requirements or qualifications, or any specific job details.  See their website for complete details and contact information if you have additional questions, click on the “Jobs” icon on the home page for complete information.

Gigwalk:   People check for available “gigs” (assignments) on their smart phone, they have the opportunity to do the gig that’s near them and within their qualifications.  Gigs pay individually, and typical earners would not earn enough to make a living, although there are some people who claim to be making hundreds a week, and definitely this is something that would interest those who can be ready to go on a moment’s notice.  Definitely living in or near a metropolitan city will be helpful, if not required.  The type of “gigs” listed as examples vary anywhere from simply taking a photograph of a street sign or a real estate listing, mystery shopping, or to what are more typical jobs such as providing tech support to a facility or administrative services, etc.  You have a profile that you complete and the more gigs you do, you basically build your credibility, which should help you to get future gigs.  HEA-Employment is a site that assists people seeking jobs and they also hire at-home workers directly for a variety of jobs, including home typists, data entry professional, online customer service representatives (no phone involved, all emails, Skype and IM), online sales and marketing representatives, and job placement specialists and online recruiters. HEA-Employment is a site that lists jobs available from other job boards across the internet and you can search by job category, etc., however, make sure to review the job postings carefully, because they are not all work from home jobs. There is also a FEE to sign up for specific work at home jobs listings on this site. While there are companies that provide a great service for a fee to assist in finding work from home, Work at Home Resource Guide is not providing any recommendation one way or the other on the service provided by HEA-employment, so please review carefully before making any purchase.

To work for HEA-employment directly, refer to the link provided, which has information on job openings and how to apply.

Hubstaff:  Hubstaff offers software to assist businesses manage their virtual teams, through time tracking software with screenshots, app and internet monitoring and automated payroll system. Hubstaff’s staff works remotely and if you are interested in working directly for Hubstaff, they hire for positions in the fields of marketing, content writing, software development, PR, and customer support and QA. You can view available positions Here.

Hubstaff Talent is a directory of freelancers and agencies. There is no fees to use Hubstaff Talent. Companies or business owners can search through the profiles to find the talent they need for their business or team, and they can also post an available job opening. If you would like to list yourself as a freelancer on Hubstaff Talent or browse the jobs that have been posted, you can read more about it and complete a profile Here.

Humanatic:  Humanatic is a company that hires people to listen to and review recorded calls from call centers and businesses, and score or rate them according to the criteria provided.  This provides businesses and call centers with information that cannot be easily gathered by a computer program and needs human subjective listening skills to accurately interpret the conversation.  Payment is made for each call rated or scored.  This is not considered a large-earnings type of job, but more of a supplement or extra-money type of job.  They are also often bombarded with applications, so you may have to try back several times in order to be able to complete the very brief initial application process.

JustAnswer:  JustAnswer is a site where an individual can pose a question that will be answered by someone who is an expert in that topic.  The individual requesting an answer also states the price they are willing to pay to receive this answer, and then they wait to receive an email indicating the response is available to them.  The customer reviews the response and if satisfied, they make payment, and can include a bonus if they wish to.  They also rate the expert and the response.  Per the JustAnswer website, the average price paid for answers is $30, but they can typically start around $15 and go above $100, depending on the urgency for a quick response, and the type of expert, etc.  Of that fee that the customer pays, the expert at the beginning (Stage 1 expert) receives 25%, and as you work your way up to a Stage 4 expert level, you will receive up to 50%.  To become an expert, there is specific criteria for each area, such as certification, education, licensing, experience, etc., and you will be expected to be able to prove your expertise.  JustAnswer does guarantee their answers and that the experts are, indeed, experts in their profession.  Typical professions listed on JustAnswer:  Lawyers, Doctors, Mechanics, Techs, Veterinarians, Skilled tradesmen such as electricians, plumbers, tv & electronics; Teachers, Computer Hardware and Software, experts in relationships and parenting, wedding, job hunts, etiquette, and more.  See their website for a complete listing.  Of note is that if your expert category is not listed, you can still submit it, or submit a general application, which requires a minimum of a Bachelor’s degree OR any license or certification OR 2+ years of research-related employment (such as a librarian or analyst).  Subject matter tests will be provided.

Lift Inc.:  Lift Inc. is:  “The nation’s leading resource for information management and computer technology professionals who have disabilities.”

“Since 1975, Lift, Inc.’s sole mission has been to hire and place information technology and information management professionals who have disabilities. Lift is a nonprofit corporation that combines specialized business and technology experience with expertise at recruitment, assessment, training and accommodation to give ambitious and highly capable men and women a vocational lift.

“Neither a traditional rehabilitation agency nor a typical job placement agency, Lift uniquely accomplishes the objectives of both. To its employees with disabilities, Lift offers opportunities for very rewarding careers. To its corporate clients, it provides a proven human resource development program for high performance professionals.

“Lift has placed professionals in positions such as: programmer-analyst, systems-analyst, software engineer, business analyst, technical writer, technical specialist, network administrator, computer support specialist, data security specialist, database administrator, database manager, quality assurance specialist, CBT training developer, E-commerce specialist and website designer.”

Lift provides training as well as job placement services.  It is also noted on the site that they do occasionally have business or other professional positions available, although their main focus is IT professionals.  Of note is that in order to qualify for their program, a disabled individual must be able to work 40 hours a week, and to go into the company workplace 1-2 days a week.  See their website for complete information and list of current openings.

Maven:  Maven is a platform that connects companies or individuals with knowledgeable people (consultants, experts, professionals, SMEs) all over the world. The platform, “delivers expertise on demand to professionals in every industry and powers knowledge networks for some of the world’s larges companies.” Maven connects microconsultants with companies looking for their expertise, as well as networking, and Maven microconsultants are professionals from all areas and locations. Registration is free, and you set your own consulting fee, and Maven receives a percentage of the fee. Click here to register.

M*Model:  M*Modal has been listening to customers through transcription and coding services for over 40 years, with over 3800 clients today, and is comprised of more than 10,000 dedicated employees based in five countries. They hire remote/telecommuter medical coders and their website lists the position description as:  “As an experienced M*Modal coder you will be responsible for providing coding and abstracting services for clients on acute care inpatient. You will use established coding principles and your knowledge and experience to assign diagnostic and procedural codes after a thorough review of the medical record to obtain the appropriate DRG. As a coding leader, you will participate in industry forums as well as support coding education within the team. You will be located on a remote basis at a home office.”

M*Model also accepts applications for remote auditors, using the same link above for the coders, and their website describes the position as:  “The Auditor conducts clinical coding audits as defined by client contracts for audit service. Contributes to the ongoing development and refinement of proprietary audit tools. Provides education to audit clients as required by the deliverables of the contract. Acts as coding subject matter expert as needed.”

Refer to the M*Model website for additional details and the links to apply.

Movie Enquirer:  Movie Enquirer is a survey company, utilizing workers through Amazon Mechanical Turk.  You can read complete details on Movie Enquirer at their site and then easily sign up at Mechanical Turk and search for Movie Enquirer if you want to look specifically for their surveys.  They typically involve information available on your own TV/cable programming, so there is requirements versus location and cable providers.  Movie Enquirer advertises that they pay “dollars not cents” for their surveys, I saw a survey available for $4 that required 15 minutes of time, so they definitely are more generous with their payments than most other survey companies.  OnlineVerdict is a service provided to attorneys to pre-try a case before it goes in front of an actual jury in a trial.  Typically people located in a specific (US) county or federal district review the case information and complete a form that provides responses or feedback, which the attorney will then use to find strengths and weaknesses in their evidence, public attitude or opinion, settlement value, etc.  Individuals register to be a potential juror with OnlineVerdict, and if a case becomes available in your area, you are notified via email that you are eligible to select that case.  Once you do, you review the facts and answer a list of questions and submit your verdict.

The pay is $20-60 per case, depending on the length of the case, and you will be advised before you select the case of the expected amount of time involved to review it, however, the average time is 20 minutes to 1 hour.  Checks are mailed once a month for payment, and there is no guarantee of the amount of cases you will receive.  Qualifications to register include being a US citizen and over the age of 18.  Any resident in all 50 states of theUSare eligible to register, and there is no fee or charge to register, you are not making any commitment by registering.  The number of cases that become available will likely be more for those in a large metropolitan area versus rural areas.  OnlineVerdict is not going to serve as a “job” but can maybe provide some additional income.  The link to sign up is included on their FAQ page, which is the link provided above.

Precyse:  Per the Precyse website:  “Precyse provides industry leading expert services and comprehensive technologies that empower healthcare organizations to most effectively and efficiently capture, organize, secure and analyze clinical data and transform it into actionable information, supporting the delivery of quality patient care and optimizing operating performance.

With products ranging from an integrated transcription and coding platform with advanced speech recognition, expert workflow technologies and Natural Language Comprehension™ to HIM consulting services, Precyse’s flexible software can be delivered standalone or complemented by a professional staff of more than 1,200.”

Precyse offers a variety of positions in the medical and healthcare field including:  medical coding, auditing, oncology data management, transcription, DHIM consulting, HIM technician.  To view the opportunities that are available for telecommuting, from the link provided above, click on the “search our job listings” button.  From that page, on the drop down menu for locations, select “remote” positions and then choose the job type you are looking for in the other drop down menu, or you can leave it set to all positions.  You will be able to view the remote positions that are available.  Also included on the website is complete job description and requirements for each of the positions they hire for.

Slicethepie:  Slicethepie began in 2007 as a music review engine and as of 2015, added additional categories to review, such as fashion, mobile phone accessories and others. Reviewers sign up, write reviews and get paid through PayPal. Pay is based on your Star Rating and the quality of your review. Your Star Rating is given on the quality of your reviews, compared with other reviewers. Pay is always in US dollars, although people can sign up from all over the world. Check out the FAQs on the website for details on payment, as well as other information on being a reviewer for Slicethepie.

The Newton Group:  The Newton Group hires experienced sales professionals for 4-hour shifts daily doing cold calling and lead generation, both consumer and business to business.  You can bring in your own agents to work as well, see their website for complete details and job requirements.  Hires in the US only, must be a US citizen.

Tell Me More:   Occasionally has translator positions available as work from home.

Work At Home Vintage Employees – WAHVE:   WAHVE hires retired insurance industry professionals to provide remote at-home services to their insurance company clients.  They have an extensive list of the job functions they hire for, some examples are brokers, underwriters, claims representatives, adjusters, accounting & finance, quotes, mentors & trainers and more.

The requirements:  20+ years of insurance experience, dedicated workspace at your home, fully updated computer system to utilize during working hours, and a high-speed internet connection.

Pay will vary, depending on the position.  They hire for both full time and part time, and also for specific projects.  You can work the hours you choose, depending on the client needs.  No fees or upfront costs.  All meetings and training is done online.  Training is typically three to five days, and you are paid for that time.  See Full Profile of WAHVE here.

Yahoo Contributor Network:   Writers, photographers, and videographers can contribute either something on their own or they can claim an opportunity from the assignment desk.  From the Yahoo Contributor website:  “The Yahoo! Contributor Network allows writers, photographers, and videographers to share their knowledge and passion with hundreds of millions of people worldwide. Find your audience and earn money by publishing your unique perspectives on Voices and other Yahoo! sites.”

Ziptask:  Ziptask manages freelancers and connects them with customers.  A customer submits a task, is provided with an estimate (and is guaranteed it will never be more than that amount) and then Ziptask assigns or offers the task to one of their freelancers.  Freelancers can join and receive assignments in almost any areas relating to computers and IT.  You can choose to accept an assignment or not, and will be rated on your work.  Per the Ziptask website, pay is as follows:  “Ziptask pays out 4 levels of work: $5/hr, $10/hr, $15/hr, and $20/hr, depending on the skills required for the job. Basic office work ranges between $5/hr and $10/hr levels, while graphic design and programming typically earn $15/hr and $20/hr.”  See their website for complete details, make sure to read the FAQ’s, and click on their link to apply.

Zirtual:  Zirtual provides “personal and executive assistance for busy people.”  Zirtual provides Zirtual assistants (virtual assistants) to directly interact with their clients and assist them with tasks such as reservations, scheduling, and internet research.  You must have a high speed internet connection, a landline (or dependable cell phone), and strong organizational, communication, and internet research skills.  Also familiarity with tools such as Google docs, Geal, Microsoft Office tools, etc., is required.  You must be available to work during “working hours” in order to respond to and engage with your clients.  Pay is stated on the application as being 50% of what the clients are charged.  To apply, look for the “apply now” button in the top upper right of the website.