Coaching as a Career, whether as an independent career choice or as an addition to your existing online business, we’re giving you 7 Reasons Why You Need to Offer a Coaching Program.  Steps four and five review how easy it is to offer coaching, .

Keep following up for more reasons why coaching is a great career choice or a great addition to an existing online business!

Reason Four – It’s Easy to Offer Coaching

You might think you have to pass a rigorous program to become a coach. It’s not true. Almost anyone can hang up a coaching sign on his or her door without any training or certification.

Your path to coaching depends on your audience and goals. If you’re aspiring to add ‘life coaching’ or ‘executive coaching’ to your business model, then you may want to explore certification options. Competition is a bit more extensive in these two fields and certification will help establish credibility.

However, if you’re in a niche field, like organization, parenting, or the dog training field mentioned earlier, certification is certainly not a necessity.  You can simply design your coaching program to fit your audience’s needs and your business goals and then launch the program.  A little planning and preparation is all you need.  Remember that coaching is a way to pass on your knowledge, wisdom, and expertise to others, providing information and intellectual content to people who are interested in what you know and can share with them.

Technology Makes It Easy

Web-based technology makes launching and running a coaching program a straightforward endeavor.

Depending on your audience and the coaching program you create you can use:

  • Audio and video technology to coach
  • Membership site technology
  • Autoresponders
  • Social networking mediums like forums or chat rooms to coach
  • Instant messaging, email, Skype and other instant media to connect with coaching clients
  • And of course ebooks and digital downloads

In fact, according to the Spencer Institute, a life coaching business, “70% of coaches work mostly by telephone and email with a nationwide practice.”

In short, there are few barriers to entry.  You’re likely already using all of the technology you’d need to launch a coaching business.  And unless you’re in a highly competitive field like “life coaching” certification and training isn’t necessary.

Reason Five – You Can Offer Coaching In Any Number of Formats – Whatever Best Fits Your Needs

You may be hesitant to add coaching to your existing business model because you’re afraid of the time commitment.  Let’s face it, if you’re running a full-time online business, you probably don’t want to add hours of one-on-one coaching to your workweek.

Good news! You can create a coaching program that fits your needs and goals. There’s no “right” way to create a coaching program and there are infinite options. You can create a:

  • One-on-one coaching program – this works best when you limit the number of clients you work with and make it your most expensive product
  • Membership site coaching – a great way to offer a variety of coaching levels
  • Group coaching
  • Information product coaching combined with feedback opportunities via email or forum
  • Online seminars and workshops
  • Teleclasses
  • Digital downloads including ebooks, reports and course material delivered by autoresponders, downloadable mp3, videos, and home study courses

Tip:  The one thing all coaching programs have in common is their purpose and/or duration. Coaching programs have an overall aim, a specific duration of time, and specific content that is taught during the program. Your coaching program can last six weeks or six months. It all depends on you.

In the next article, reasons six and seven address niche and business models, and the value that you can provide to your customers and clients by adding coaching to your existing business or with your current coaching business.

Add your comments below on your own experience of adding coaching to an existing business and any experience you might have with creating or marketing coaching products, or group and individual coaching programs.  If you are new to the idea of adding a coaching program to your site, let us know what is stopping you–what are your questions, fears, concerns that are preventing you from moving forward!