I receive emails on a fairly regular basis from people asking me for an opinion on a specific company or opportunity or help in general with finding a work at home job, and although Work at Home Resource Guide is not able to offer specific one-on-one coaching for finding work, I do respond to the emails and offer whatever information I can. Recently I noticed that there is one thing in common in the emails I receive, and that’s basically that the focus of the emails is about money—finding the money that is wanted or needed, and rarely is there any mention of the actual job itself, like what kind of job or even what they like to do, or skills they have.

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Now I totally get the need for money – I REALLY do – but it struck me recently as I was answering another similar email and this writer wrote, “I need this much money per day/month,” that if that is your main focus as you are searching for work/income/job/opportunity to do from home, you should take a step back and at least take a few minutes to ask yourself a few questions and answer them, and put the money part aside because you already know the answer to that question.

What is your investment?

There are thousands of ways to earn money online. However, as I have come to find through my own experience over the 10-plus years I’ve been working online, that while these thousands of opportunities often fall into some distinct categories, those categories can be very different, the work required is different, the investment is different, the earning potential and how quickly you will earn it are different, and what I think is just as important as how much money—what are the risks or what are the ODDS that you are going to get any money, any return on your investment and WHEN? (Even if your investment was mostly time.)

Also equally important, make sure that if you are going to make any investment, time or money, is the work you’ll be doing to earn money something you can feel good about or enjoy every day or is this something you are going to have to force yourself to do?

My focus in this post is not to applaud or encourage one way of earning money over another one, because ultimately what works best for you and your lifestyle, is satisfying for you, and providing the income to fit your needs, is definitely the best one for you. But for those searching, just make sure that you have your eyes open as wide as possible, research everything, and also make sure that while you’re searching for money that you want to come from your computer and into your bank account you completely understand every opportunity, job offer, website to sign up with, classes to take, memberships to join, etc.

Do you want a job or a business?

One thing to consider: Ask yourself, do you want a job or do you want to be a business owner? This is often a big difference and one that should be considered, such as: Joining an MLM opportunity (multi-level marketing) versus accepting a job working for American Express in an at-home position.

I have had the good fortune to meet people in many different arenas for earning money online and who are successful and enjoy what they do, so again, it goes back to what do YOU want to do? What is right for you? This can be easy to overlook when you are in a financial position where you have a sense of urgency, and you watch YouTube videos or receive email invitations to webinars where you hear the very enthusiastic speaker talking about making $100,000 a month or more, they love what they do, it’s easy (or will be once you take their course), it’s so much fun, they are doing their customers a favor…

Only you can know what you want, and if the thought of doing a J-O-B—call center, transcriptionist, virtual assistant, translation, tutoring, or any of the other online jobs—makes you want to run screaming from the room, or you find yourself comparing that job to an afternoon having a root canal, or simply doesn’t provide what you need and want, then by all means, explore your options for opportunities and find something that fits you!

Believe it or not, money is not the ONLY thing!

Just remember though—money should not be the only thing to consider in your search, and not even the first. Whatever you’re considering, put the money part aside and look at either the job itself or the opportunity on its own, without the money part. If you feel good about it – hey, go for it!

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Good luck in your search!

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