Leave no stone unturned when you are looking for a work at home job. While some companies hire all or most of their workers virtually, there are many large companies who have part of their employee base working from home, or telecommuting, and the ads for those jobs are often posted by those companies in the same places and websites where they post ads for their on-site jobs. Whether you are on a site that is a job board, or a large company itself that has multiple job listings, these are some of the most effective keywords to locate the work at home positions:

  • work at home
  • at home
  • home
  • remote
  • remote agent
  • telecommuting

If nothing comes up with these keywords, do a very general global search and skim through the ads quickly to see if anything comes up that is described as a work at home job. Look over the listing and see what terminology they use for the job title, location, etc. Then you can use that particular search word or phrase to bring up the entire list. It’s generally best not to select a specific location if there is a drop down box for that, unless you look through the list and see a specific location has been designated, such as “work at home” or “remote positions,” etc. If that company has a specific location to identify the at-home jobs, don’t look for any specific job title, or any other criteria you can choose from. Check all at-home jobs to see all the different types of jobs that company hires for telecommuters.

Below is a short video from John Tesh regarding searching for work at home jobs, and a few scam alert tips as well. While this was dated 2009, a lot of the information is still just as helpful today and is worth the three minutes to take a look. The links to a few of the sites mentioned are posted below the video.

[youtube url=”http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RLSvN6f-nvw” autohide=”0″ autoplay=”1″ fs=”1″]