A little more about Work at Home Resource Guide...

The Work At Home Resource Guide was created by Beth Steelman to share her experience, resources, tips, and other information collected during two decades of working out of her home.  After years of frustration wading through work at home websites with broken links and almost no information and spending hours looking through company websites, she decided to launch the Work At Home Resource Guide for job seekers who want to work from home.

Beth’s mission for the Work At Home Resource Guide is to provide leads, tips, company profiles and descriptions, and personal reviews and interviews with others actually working for those companies or doing those internet businesses.  We will strive to help job seekers wade through the massive amount of information on the web relating to finding legitimate income opportunities to do from home, give readers a better understanding of what to look for when researching a work at home job, and to learn from her successes, as well as mistakes, in the world of earning an income online.

Wishing you success in your search, or in whatever journey life takes you on.

You may be whatever you resolve to be – determine to be something in the world  and you will be something.  ” I cannot,” never accomplished anything.  “I will try”  has worked wonders.
                                           – J. Hawes