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While we believe that all links and companies below are legitimate, you have the responsibility to do your due diligence and research any company you wish to apply to or work for or with.  Also, while these companies are believed to hire or contract with individuals who work at home, we cannot guarantee that they are hiring at this time or that they will provide an offer of employment or work.

Transcription and data entry companies who hire at-home workers typically hire independent contractors.  If any of the companies listed below hire as employees, it will be noted, otherwise assume you would be considered an independent contractor.

Note:  We are always updating our list.  So please check back often for updates.

1-888-Type-It-Up:  General transcription. To apply, from the link provided there is information and a detailed application form. They only hire in the US. Currently, pay is stated to be $36-$180 per audio hour, and that they strive to pay $1-2 per audio minute or higher when possible.

A Transcription Services 2000, Inc.   General, legal, and financial transcription.  Fast turn around time.  To apply, from the link provided, go to the “Contact Us” section, scroll down to the bottom of the page for a link for those seeking employment.

Accutran Global:  Accutran contracts with transcribers, realtime stenographers and voicewriters. Their work is very time sensitive and the majority of the work will be available during typical business hours and will need to be done immediately. At the time of this writing, pay is per word and starts at $0.005 per word for transcription, in US dollars. They hire in the US and Canada, and from the link provided, scroll down and click where indicated for more information on working with them, and you will be asked to indicate whether you are in US or Canada and then provided with details.

Adept Word Management, Inc.:    General and medical.  Follow the instructions provided on their website for submitting an email with your resume and application.

Advanced Transcription Inc.:  Medical transcription.  2+ years of experience are required, proficiency in MS Word, and must own or have access to MS Word 2003.  Send your resume to the email address on their website.

Alice Darling Secretarial Services:  General and legal transcrition.  On-site or at home.

All Professionals Litigation Support Team:  Legal transcription.  From their website:  “You must also be a notary public in your home state, be a certified member in good standing of the AAERT and/or IAPRT, and be a citizen of the United States.”  FTP software is required, and you must have WordPerfect (NOT Microsoft Word).  An assessment test is provided and a sample transcript when you apply.  Additional note from their website to make sure to be aware of before applying:  “We may utilize information obtained from MySpace, Facebook, Google, or any other public source of information, in our determination of your suitability for the preparation of highly confidential court records and other documents.”  See their website for complete information and application.

Allegis Communications, Inc.:    Allegis works with insurance companies, and the main type of transcription will be recorded statements. Insurance and/or legal transcription experience is required. The application for employment is available on this link, which will also indicate whether or not they are currently hiring.

American High-Tech Transcription:  Transcription for law enforcement agencies, law firms, and businesses.  Applicants must undergo an FBI and state police fingerprint criminal background check, at your own expense.  Positions only available to those in the US.

Amphion Medical Solutions:  Medical transcription.  Experience required – per their website:  “At least two years’ hospital inpatient experience transcribing the “Basic Four” or at least two years’ clinic experience transcribing all specialties (>4 specialties) in addition to any formal training.”  An assessment is provided and can be started on that same web page.  Make sure to check the browser requirements before beginning the assessment.  See the web page for very specific criteria and requirements, as well as the application process. They hire in the US only and as employees, not independent contractors.

Applied Medical Services:  Now Fast Chart Medical Transcription. Qualified Independent Contractors must have at least two years of full-time medical transcription experience in a clinical or hospital setting.

AV Tranz:  AV Tranz is now owned by eScribers. Legal transcription, which requires very fast turnaround time.  Check their website career section to determine if they are hiring, for a list of qualification and for the email address to submit your resume.

Axion Data Services:  Data Entry, hires at-home workers, watch their website for available openings. Of Note: There is a notice on their website regarding a fraud issue with an individual claiming to be with their company and requesting money. Do NOT provide any money to anyone and check the link provided for complete details on this scam and where to report it.

Babbletype:   General market research transcription such as focus groups and interviews. With Babbletype, if you are invited to be part of their team, each day you can indicate if you are available for work and how much work you can do by the next day (work is sent at 6 PM EST and you have until 4 PM EST the next day to complete it). Pay for English-speaking transcription is $.40-80 per audio minute, at the time of this writing. They also have opportunities for non-Native English transcription, proofreading, and translating. See the website for complete details and application process.

Birch Creek Communications:  Birch Creek Communications (formerly Clark Fork Communications) provides financial, legal, and general transcription services. They hire as independent contractors, not employees. Regarding availability and turnaround time, per their website: “Most work comes in during the day Monday thru Friday. Most corporate work requires same-day turnaround. Legal generally has a 2-5 day turnaround. On occasion, we have corporate accounts that require evening work, with the work coming in by 5pm Central Time and being due early morning.”

Regarding compensation, per their website: “For corporate and financial, we pay by the audio minute, ranging from .40/audio min to 1.25/audio min. For general legal, we pay by the page, ranging from .75/page to 1.75/page. Rates of pay depend on the job, turnaround time, and the quality of your work. The upper range of the scale will be given to those with 99% accuracy consistently.”

More information on employment opportunities is available on the link provided, as well as additional links for information on how to apply.

CambridgeTranscriptions:  Legal and business transcription, they hire for on-site and at-home positions.  Refer to their website for details, a phone number and the email address to obtain more information.

CaptionColorado:   Hires captioners (as in “closed caption” on TV), see their website for complete information and application. If you click on the “Captioning Careers” link, you will find FAQs and a lot of information regarding their equipment requirements, etc.

CastingWords:  CastingWords provides general transcription services. They post their available transcription jobs on their site, The CastingWords Workshop and also through Amazon Mechanical Turk. You can click on the link on their information page to register at their Workshop, and you will register using your Facebook account, although the small print states that you aren’t required to have one. CastingWords uses crowdsourcing for their transcription, in other words, you will be doing just very small segments of an audio. They have a style guide that must be followed, and a sample transcript. Make sure to review both carefully. The pay may seem low, but they offer bonuses as well, so take that into consideration.

Chromolume Transcription:   General and legal transcription.  Refer to their website for the email address to submit your resume and interest in employment.

CLK Transcription:  Medical and general.  Family-owned business in the US.  At the time of this writing, their “Contact Us” page indicated if you are a transcriptionist, to send an email to the email address they provide expressing your interest.

CMR Transcription Services:   Business and medical transcription, CMR has a lot of corporate/financial clients and has a quick turnaround time requirement for their financial transcription.  If interested in applying, send an email to; however, check their website to see if there is information regarding open positions.

Command Health:  Medical transcription. Must be US based and have a minimum of two or more years of medical transcription experience. See their website for complete details and the application process.

CyberDictate:  General, legal, financial, and medical transcription. CyberDictate hires only in the US. Check their website on the link provided to see if they are hiring and for what position. For legal transcription, legal experience is required and qualifications and required equipment/software is clearly listed on their website.

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