Author: Beth Steelman

Overcoming Adversity – Motivational Video

This gets me pumped up every time I watch it, especially if the self-doubt is creeping in or I just am in a place where I need a reminder of not only what I can do, but what I will do, and what I have done, overcome, and mastered in my past. Enjoy! Share...

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Why this site and for who?

I spent the last 7-8 years searching for work or a way to earn money online.  Not constantly, sometimes I had more work than I could even handle (sometimes working 70-90 hours in a week) which barely left me with time to become reacquainted with my family………..shower….you get the idea.  And which shows that yes, there is work online!  However, over the years when I was searching for work, it became apparent that while I was able to find some great resources for locating companies that hire home workers, the process of locating the company, researching that company, and...

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Introduction to Work at Home Resource Guide

You found us!  Awesome!  Welcome, we are so glad to meet you and hope you stay and browse a while, get some valuable information, and come back frequently as we grow, which will be fast and furious! My name is Beth Steelman, founder and main contributing author to the Work At Home Resource Guide.  I have done work at home jobs or businesses for most of my adult life, an entrepreneur at heart, but much of that work was what I will generically refer to as a “JOB” – regardless how I was paid (employee or independent contractor, etc.) because...

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